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Okay, so a girl, whom you say was an angel, slept with a complete stranger plus flashed other people when she was younger committed suicide at the age of 15. Fifteen. at the age of 15 I hadn't even kissed a girl besides my mother. She ****** a dude she had never seen in person in her whole life.I knew my girlfriend for 3 years before I dated her and then waited 3 more to propose to her. I'm going to go to college before we get married, but we finally had sex for the first time the night I proposed to her. We were both virgins.

I digress, why in the name of hell would you call this slutty waste of oxygen "an angel." While I DO feel sorry for her for the bullying, I have no remorse for the ultimate rage-quit of life, suicide, that she committed. while bullying is wrong, being the biggest slut ever heard of is also wrong.her parents she have done better by her and were honestly to blame.

If they were so worried about her that they transferred her schools that many times they should have gotten a few things:

1. Restraining order against the bullies.
2. Permission from a court to home-school.
3. Used the "Block User" option on networking sites.
4. If they persisted by making to new accounts, delete the FB account.

This all is avoidable with educations. So the only sadness involved is the parenting. Educate the parents to educate the kids. That is the only way this would have been prevented.

Also, since I'm not a coward, I'm not posting this as anon.
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hey guess what

you are a faggot

and so was she
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We won't miss her. I don't personally even know her.
User avatar #29 to #28 - cantfindausername (10/15/2012) [-]
We don't*
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+not a sweet girl
+bleach smoothie
+an hero
= world is now a better place
User avatar #16 - sparkyfusion (10/14/2012) [-]
She doesn't deserve a 'minute of respect' because she was so selfish by drinking that bleach. Bad **** makes good **** better.
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this is annoying i don't care about her suicide
#21 - PVTANON (10/14/2012) [-]
there is no respect to be found here...go back to facebook or tumblr
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life is about not giving a **** what retards say about you.
and probably not being a whore, but that was her choice.
and quit deleting comments OP, it just makes you look like more of a bitch.
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What life is really about? Life is about not giving up & rage quitting via suicide just because a few bad things happen in your life, ESPECIALLY when you cause those bad things to happen to yourself.

This is like Jessi Slaughter all over again. Only this time the attention whore decided to commit suicide instead of simply whining about the situation.

It's called 'turning off the computer and doing something else with your life'. Both Jessi Slaughter & Amanda Todd should have done this. Hopefully, this causes some parents to actually give a **** about what is going on in their children's lives and take some ******* responsibility to teach them how to handle life's ups & downs.

Amanda's parents FAILED her. That's the real tragedy here. Get the **** off your high horse.

Two ******* days on FunnyJunk, and you're going to tell us how to react to this ******** ? Be glad you live in Italy, otherwise I've be driving over to your house to pimp slap some sense into you.
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I'm just glad she died slowly and painfully by bleach.
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Amanda Todd was an attention whore. She's probably looking up at the world, masturbating to the fact that everyone is spending this much attention on her
#22 - anon (10/15/2012) [-]
Amanda Todd
Amanda Todd
Ermagerd dats serw sod
#35 - bottleofrum (10/15/2012) [-]
the only diffenece between Amanda and OP is that OP is still alive (unfortunatally)
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you sir, are a dumbass and amanda was a whore.
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No we won't
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she ****** up and took her own life, if anything the grieving should be kept within her own family not the ******* public.

fallen soldiers, hero's those are the type of people that should be praised after death not mentally unstable sluts


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You are not welcome here.
Take a swig.
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she ****** her self over and didn't have the guts to deal with it . she did it to her self so there is no reason to have empathy towards her.
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