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#122 - doomfang
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(10/14/2012) [-]
Consider this,
No its not impossible for there to be other life out in the universe, it's also not impossible for a table to fall out of the sky and crush you when you walk outside your house, or for you to win the lottery 900 times, or for you to see 16 independent car accidents in the span of a minute. None of these are impossible, they are not completely and totally inconceivable, but just like foreign life, there are so massively, almost infinitely, inexpressibly unlikely. So to live your life hoping, fearing or even, just believing that it's possible, means your being unrealistic to the point where others (me) would consider you to be possibly crazy.

So you ask why?
How and why is it so unlikely that there could be life beyond little planet earth? Well contradictory to what above image points out, scientists, researchers and engineers who are educated on the matter can give us two good reasons.
1) The creation of life. For all of the elements that create life, a single archaic bacteria or even a protocell, a simple cell like precursor to a real cell, for all of these elements to come together takes a massive amount of chance, add on top for that, just bring together the raw materiel's isn't enough, you need a astronomically unlikely "spark" to set life in motion
2)Time. In some ways you might think this contradicts the first, but if you think about it, it doesn't. It takes along time for life to evolve from say fish, to us. But compared to the span of time the universe has been here, its relativity quick. And if you consider how fast humans are now advancing, and use it as model for other intelligent life, there's a huge chance that if there was other intelligent life out there, we would know about them. They would have been around long enough to have spread out all of the stars,and would be zipping around in space ships.
In conclusion there are no aliens. Not according to me, according to science
Tl;Dr bitches be trippin'
User avatar #171 to #122 - chubberbrother
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(10/14/2012) [-]
That was VASTLY contradictory. You said that the time from life on earth to now is a fairly short period in time, but at the same time you said that if there was to be other life, they should be way more advanced than us and roaming near us. It took nearly 10 billion years after the universe was created for life to exist on earth. Other planets may take even longer. To say that we have been created in a short time, then to say that if there was life at all, it would be way more advanced than us is simply idiotic.
#161 to #122 - stallwallwriter
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I think you're vastly underestimating just how much time and space we have to work with here, which isn't surprising given that it's impossible for the human mind to encompass just how much there is. Even if only one in a billion planets sustains life, that there are billions of planets makes this almost a statistical certainty. Add the fact that the universe is so big travelling any distance takes millenia. Add to this the fact that we've only been able to transmit even radio for about a century, so our sample size for making contact is incredibly small.
If you don't believe me go look up the Drake equation, the science is there.
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