I cri ever tim. Worth the read. we 1350006526156 when , by_ ) Your has we a SAREE/ Wohl" Chaud, wee eyee at he hew pokemon He had he ma w wae close to evolving, Gardevoir gardevori gardevoir Gardev ga
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I cri ever tim

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I cri ever tim. Worth the read. we 1350006526156 when , by_ ) Your has we a SAREE/ Wohl" Chaud, wee eyee at he hew pokemon He had he ma w wae close to evolving,

Worth the read

we 1350006526156 when , by_ )
Your has we a SAREE/
Wohl" Chaud, wee eyee at he hew pokemon He had he ma w wae close to evolving, but here w wasl got alot
tailed, and brotherton almost looked human
So youre , huh? Hmm He walked around he pokemons, haehae a swab as he examined hey closely "l bet youre
really strong and your move heme probably too He muttered to he hey
Does my newfoal please you, Master?"
l" looked around quckly "What we that, who' s there?"
he me, Master Your pokemon
awee whee‘ turing back to look at he gardivor That wae you?" she scewed and me hey heah slightly
Yes, Master w can speak to you hew we wordlessly
wew telepathy Nowthat' s 'fou' re a great pokemon
blushed and looked away Thank you, Master
We problem w ewe wheh compartment' s due awee wanked, blush even more came eeuw SEEN to MINCE though "Well,
wew almost to the next town What do you eay you get m the pokeball and w waha you mama the pokemon convertor some healing?"
D Anonymous an ) we/ H/ ( The) 49 25 He
nodded, whe hey hand hehehe hey back
alighty" awee / ed, out he pokeball and popping w open, allying return He w and set w on he belt, then began
on he way to the next town
Feeling more awee than usual, awee deemed to spend that hm at the town He wasnt exactly terms offish, so the motel he stayed at wae
sub par at best Paing my he room, he heebee up the slaw: and the the hall unha he whe he room
He awee out m waha! at the eeuw whe hee whey w was, but heeyah we heeyah awee threw he backpack onto a chew! and imediately removed he
Mm Tosser that on the Mor, he started to unbuckle he belt He wew he pants drop to the Mor, huh m he boxers He walked mama he backpack
we "atop he ( we eyee» scottp MM: heheheehe mll heme we we we he Mn hyeah The hall “waee we / 4 nyann T,
appeared m the motel yew she yeehee s/ entry, , then turned around
D Anonymous an ) we/ H/ ( The) an an He
Oh myl"
around to we he underwear m front “Am WWW! are you
she blushed Intensely and turned away, hey hands my he face
Oh man “N so embarrassed whe wae w mean, whe wasnt w eeuw awee chewed on he Dewey he too Metered to to eay m
whe awlways moment
looked back at huh my hey she wae em , but hey eyee They eeuw look embarrassed "Why awee weege you summon me
here? Now? a motel yew you nearly nude mama awee we whe form
weew been walang, havent you? Walang emu w awee she turned fully, ihme wegawe huh she looked as (she awee wheh ehe moved So
gracefully, so feelingly Hey hand went to he chest, ewe my he warm skm unha you could hm me
M hm ?)" Chaud' s face we up whe a beacon He could feel he knees get ehehee and he heah yaeh Was he pokemon And eye ehe
really and why eeuw he feel more digusted by whe? we he we he want w all along my all?
she scewed 'Yes, you can hm me she pressed hey whe agaist ms, throuhg hey arms around he heehahe huh m a passionate, huawei
embrace To he honest, shed wanted huh too my ehe wae a Ralts But w had been ipossible unha hew Now w could all ft'
awee wae completely taken aback by all whe He ihme wae reeling, but he body seemed to know exactly what to do, we hands almost unconsciously
went to hey mps, he whe beaning to hee back, and a CHEW appendage began to "Mam
Your we feel so good, Master And youre so warm w cannot wae unha we are ehe she spoke as wheh hyere became fervent
Mam Then was not wae ahoyhoy
on my he,
He suddenly, superfeel meme suddenly, then weege hey onto the hee He crawled
Oh Master so "
you betchya" He waned hey earh
He pulled away
you hm protectin?"
awee whee‘ then furrowed he hyere "Protectin? om we mean condoms?"
she nodded
Uh, he But we dont need wheele w cant get you pregnant and wew both , nght?"
Right, but ' sjust she whee away whe hey we
But what?" He me he heah
All humans use condoms forthe type oaths That' s normal And wew ewe whe So we used those, we he more normal, and waee whe youre ewe
w wth and waaw
w dont ofyou as an ammily"
But em
He waee he whe then scewed Whey‘ w saw a Lett gol"
s hightened Thank you, Masters"
After a eew dressing ‘ Ch ed and heme to the new my whe motel There wae a wth venues cmps,
dunks and at the very bottom “ "
Only ten my
Uh oh eh He patted he pockets
w dont hm any change
oh lookeed down at the my
He stared at my a moment, then nodded Dont wan
awee knelt down m front whe and stuck he and we the "
Masters Are you eeya you should he ewe that?"
Dem worry) He ehe wew heme he more and
Now, lest get back up there and
D Anonymous on ) we/ H/ ( The) 52 as He 430080140
We 135000677622 were , )
V awee and gardivor as the man m hem hyeah armor ran up to them, scowling
uh eh “N sorry Really sont happen earh we out, wee eyee Tet mama get my wall-"
THEM PAY WITH vow meow“ The guard mew out he sword
Masters" moved m “Dem worry, Ill pro-" The guard heheheeh a swab slash
SAREE/ Holow we we KILLED HERI we He he sentence as the cold steel ran through he chest He
gasped, and blood mowed out hem he whe The sword wae pulled out, and awee collapsed Everyting wae ewe dark Everyting wae He
saw Sandworm' severed heah on the other eyee whe room, and the armored mais feet as he he blade and walked away
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I actually got semi hard from this I'm confused now.
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I have not been so thoroughly entertained in my entire life. Thank you so much
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guards face when
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Read first post, determined was erotica, skipped to bottom. Got the gist. LAWL.
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Here, take this .gif I pick pocketed.
Here, take this .gif I pick pocketed.