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#178 - raigerzero
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I want to make a comment on the claim that Muhammad married a six-year old girl (Aisha) and consummated the marriage at 9. Most of you probably won't care about this topic.

The following are two hadiths (reports or sayings) that state the above:
“It is reported from Aisha that she said: The Prophet entered into marriage with me when I was a girl of six … and at the time [of joining his household] I was a girl of nine years of age.”

“Khadija (1st wife) died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed [alone] for two years or so. He married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.”

The people who compiled Hadiths (like around 200 years after the words were said), firstly, do not check to see if any hadith make sense in a Quranic frame of thought. They simply (and rather mechanically) went to trustworthy, competent ( in memorization) people connected chain of narration back to the prophet that doesn't seem to have irregularity. Thus, it is possible to have hadith which pass that test of legacy, but contradict each other or even the Quran; although of course this is thing that they to avoid if possible. In such a contradiction, the Quran, then logical consensus, is used to determine the proper teaching. The issue of Aisha's age is an example of this.

In summery of the counter point, here is Maulana Muhammad Ali's commentary of Sahih Bukhari (book of hadith all considered Sahih, or authentic based on narration chain:

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“A great misconception prevails as to the age at which Aisha was taken in marriage by the Prophet. Ibn Sa‘d has stated in the Tabaqat that when Abu Bakr [father of Aisha] was approached on behalf of the Holy Prophet, he replied that the girl had already been betrothed to Jubair, and that he would have to settle the matter first with him. This shows that Aisha must have been approaching majority at the time. Again, the Isaba, speaking of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, says that she was born five years before the Call and was about five years older than Aisha. This shows that Aisha must have been about ten years at the time of her betrothal to the Prophet, and not six years as she is generally supposed to be. This is further borne out by the fact that Aisha herself is reported to have stated that when the chapter [of the Holy Quran] entitled The Moon, the fifty-fourth chapter, was revealed, she was a girl playing about and remembered certain verses then revealed. Now the fifty-fourth chapter was undoubtedly revealed before the sixth year of the Call. All these considerations point to but one conclusion, viz., that Aisha could not have been less than ten years of age at the time of her nikah, which was virtually only a betrothal. And there is one report in the Tabaqat that Aisha was nine years of age at the time of nikah (betrothal) . Again it is a fact admitted on all hands that the nikah of Aisha took place in the tenth year of the Call in the month of Shawwal, while there is also preponderance of evidence as to the consummation of her marriage taking place in the second year of Hijra in the same month, which shows that full five years had elapsed between the nikah and the consummation. Hence there is not the least doubt that Aisha was at least nine or ten years of age at the time of betrothal, and fourteen or fifteen years at the time of marriage.”