UNIVERSE PATCH 2.0 INFO RELEASED. Long-awaited answers!. universe patch that 'ttritty certain was and added certain Features. was Douchebag fix -There was a bug woo hoo God bro
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UNIVERSE PATCH 2.0 INFO RELEASED. Long-awaited answers!. universe patch that 'ttritty certain was and added certain Features. was Douchebag fix -There was a bug

Long-awaited answers!

universe patch that 'ttritty certain
was and added certain Features.
Douchebag fix -There was a bug that allowed people to act irrationally
towards ethers, known as the "Douchebag" complex.
Cancerfag- Many users were given the’ cancer’ virus. This has been fixed, as
well as many other viruses, syndrome and disease dlls.
Lying bug - all the users have been given abilities to cheat out of
any situation, but as a result Mall around fairness and high
demand, God will be removing the' lie' ability in all users.
Spider hack - Some anonymous userbar back in . C. created a
program within the Wordd. exe download plugin, (Evolution. dll)
that gave many users a natural terror's it. Spiders will be
removed and God has added Tug Watch" which will monitor
these types nothings.
Life expectancy fix - Humans and animal' s lifetime expectancy will be put to
Learning curve fix - All human beings pick up all information 200% faster,
cutting ages at a young 10 years old.
Chicken glitch - Many foods have tasted like chicken, and this is because some
shmuck set the" " to many different files. Now
each food has its own taste.
Deja W - Fixed the "deja w" effect.
added matures
Oil Replenish and restock - God has confirmed a renewal of Oil deposits, and
more Oil reserves across the globe for us to find.
Life on Mars - God has confirmed life to be on mars, (finally) and will allow
humanity to steer it on it' s seethrough evolution.
Zombie mode - If humans wish to try Zombie mode, God has placed zombies
on the moon, as to allow more players to visit more often.
Respawns - One ofthe features mandark is the patch for extra
lives. Seeing as though there are many questions left unanswered,
Different species, Race/ ethnicity, retaining formal memories) we
know very little on this part ofthe patch, and we can imagine it
to be tweaked quite a bit. But at least it removes the dreadful
YOLO" phrase.
long read, but dealwith us.)
Government fix - this fixes an issue where rights as human beings have been
removed by other human beings in nice suits. Governmental
powers will be removed and replaced with a website that
votes on popular topics such as marriage or
healthpacks, according to popularity. These" trends" start
like a youtube video and climb a ladder aflame. Anyone
can vote, youjust elected members inhuman beings all in
nice suits. At a certain hit count, the' trend" becomes a bill.
After 3 months have passed, the majority vote (if over 65%)
is ruled in favor. If ties are too close, the topic is memorialized
and not allowed discussion for anothere years. (varies country
to country)
Flight mode -Yes, you read that right, folks. fly mode, to allow humans
to access other areas In the world without costly prices. No
information regarding how this will affect passports or the
speed inflight has been released, but the thought inflight is
good enough for me.
Minima's - Each human will be given a minimap with zoom, scroll, and layout
capabilities to remove the" lost" effence.
Thirst and Hunger - All humans will be able to last three times as long totally
deprived of life sources such as food and water.
all patches updated we. 21
What will abundance of oil do for as rices?
We can imagine that prices will drop, t at won' t be affective as per
part of the patch.
What about randomly dropping internet connections? Any fixes?
No fixes for that yet, rd talk to your Internet provider.
Will Flight mode allows ace travel?
Ishall expect so to allow or Zombie mode, but don' t forget the fact that space is, i
ndeed, deadly, and proper precautions such as a pressurized space suit should be worn.
ls god patching the trip glitch?
No word on that, butturt of human We is learning to pick yourself up, why tix it?
A removal tool for some things you do' n’ t like, like ?
God has taken account, but leaves it to be undetermined. An update on the
details will be released in November.
A worldedit tool for inconvenient users on weather issues?
As much as many time' s someone has complained, "ite too hot", God' s response has
always been, "Oh you don' t like it? well this is my way of setting up earth,
if you hate it so much, go find another one."
A over patch?
e’ re stil waiting on additional info, but God said he "had something in mind for it,
lmao or may output something together."
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