Hey bro,. Pass the controller. It's my turn.. HERE. I don't what's worse, the controller or the toe thumb!
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Hey bro,

Pass the controller. It's my turn.

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Submitted: 10/05/2012
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#89 - mahjimmiesarusslin (10/08/2012) [-]
Oh how kind of you for sharing, i was quite famished
#88 - bipolarfurry (10/07/2012) [-]
YFW you get the controller back
YFW you get the controller back
User avatar #87 - lilmoka (10/07/2012) [-]
#82 - interweb has deleted their comment [-]
#81 - thebritishguy (10/06/2012) [-]
I had to scroll down quickly because it was making me sick
I had to scroll down quickly because it was making me sick
#80 - Ihazfunkitty (10/06/2012) [-]
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#77 - johnshepherd (10/06/2012) [-]
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#75 - diaperfacederp (10/06/2012) [-]
**** son...this made me cringe....
#71 - razerdude ONLINE (10/06/2012) [-]
first pic: oh thanks for sending me the controller
second pic: what have you done!!
#70 - slush (10/06/2012) [-]
You know, I just found the controller pic on /v/, pasted it under an existing pic and boom, 500 thumbs.
Yet my retarded dogs comp, which I put my heart and soul in, gets thumbed down.
My heart is filled with sadness.
#69 - therealjc (10/06/2012) [-]
**therealjc rolled a random image posted in comment #14 at Wibbly Wobbly Justice Wustice ** My friend (not anymore he's an ******** ) used to do this all the time.
Eating pizza or doritoes or anything that would get excessive amounts of grease/crumbs all over his hands,
Not just the fingers, all over his hands i swear he ate like a ******* spastic.
Then when it came to his turn, didn't even wipe his hands on his jeans or anything,
Picked up that controller and played, always that guy that has 2 deaths instead of one,
Then pass it over to someone else.
#68 - charv (10/06/2012) [-]
It's only an xbox controller
#67 - flippydog (10/06/2012) [-]
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