Evolution of Link's sword. .......
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Evolution of Link's sword


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Submitted: 10/04/2012
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User avatar #48 - galkawhm ONLINE (10/05/2012) [-]
Battle Quest?
#47 - pianoasis (10/05/2012) [-]
**pianoasis rolled a random image posted in comment #1365839 at FJ Pony Thread 14 **
*roll comment*
User avatar #46 - pianoasis (10/05/2012) [-]
It's not in chronological order though
#51 to #46 - lostwoodskid (10/05/2012) [-]
It's in the order they came out loser.
User avatar #52 to #51 - pianoasis (10/06/2012) [-]
***** you are defying the great nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto
#45 - waffleofdoom (10/05/2012) [-]
**waffleofdoom rolled a random image posted in comment #238265 at Anime & Manga ** Link's newest sword.
#43 - aliciadizzle (10/05/2012) [-]
**aliciadizzle rolled a random image posted in comment #798533 at MLP Friendly Board ** links next sword
#42 - biggrand (10/05/2012) [-]
This image has expired
**biggrand rolled a random image posted in comment #257031 at Anime & Manga **

new sword in the next one
User avatar #38 - redking (10/05/2012) [-]
Where can i find a high res version of this?
User avatar #35 - duvallwhitey (10/05/2012) [-]
You can get the Hero Shades sword in TP????
#34 - roofeeoh (10/05/2012) [-]
mfw this content
mfw this content
#39 to #34 - kibbleking (10/05/2012) [-]
Try this one.
User avatar #36 to #34 - jdpwns (10/05/2012) [-]
well ya know it does say (enlarge)...
#37 to #36 - roofeeoh (10/05/2012) [-]
doesn't help much...
User avatar #41 to #37 - jdpwns (10/05/2012) [-]
google backwards search if you want it that bad i wear glasses sorry for my ignorance
User avatar #22 - messerschmidto (10/05/2012) [-]
I was watching my friend browse reddit
and he came across this
We were both impressed
He said "Do you want the link? I know you browse funnyjunk, not Reddit."
I said "Don't worry, It'll be on fj very shortly, I'll see it then."
#21 - ganondork ONLINE (10/05/2012) [-]
What about his gun?
#20 - basstard (10/05/2012) [-]
Don't get me started on swords of infinity blade!
#19 - anonymous (10/05/2012) [-]
Nintendo needs to make a mgea Legend of Zelda game, where it includes EVERY game in the series and you have to switch between the various Link's to complete it!
User avatar #18 - rockmanfan (10/05/2012) [-]
shades sword? you couldnt get that, so why is it on the list?
User avatar #33 to #18 - blackfalcon ONLINE (10/05/2012) [-]
the story goes that the 'heroes shade', the guy that learns you the hidden skills, is Link from Oranica of Time. Therefore shade sword
User avatar #53 to #33 - rockmanfan (10/06/2012) [-]
ah. but still, you cant use it, sooooo....
#14 - Arkkath (10/05/2012) [-]
Man, Koloktos was such an awesome boss. Fantastic boss fight music too.
User avatar #44 to #14 - UberAndrew (10/05/2012) [-]
The moment I ripped off that bastard arm and beat him with his own sword twice Links size I fell in love with that bass fight.
User avatar #32 to #14 - A Pickle (10/05/2012) [-]
It took me literally 30 minutes to beat him the first time. It''s a good challenge though
#17 to #14 - deletedmyaccount (10/05/2012) [-]
Dude, easily one of the most entertaining boss battles in the series.
User avatar #31 to #17 - TheSock (10/05/2012) [-]
my thoughts exactly. I mean, i didnt LOVE the bosses in skyward sword, they were kinda weird.
But this boss, easily in my top 5 for the whole series
User avatar #9 - swampert (10/05/2012) [-]
Love it
#5 - spojalec ONLINE (10/05/2012) [-]
#3 - ExorArgus (10/05/2012) [-]
From a scale of Four Swords to Ocarina of Time how good was skyward sword?
#23 to #3 - friedrichengels (10/05/2012) [-]
My personal ranking of Zeldas (not counting handheld Zelda games)

1) Skyward Sword
2) Ocarina of Time
3) Majora's Mask
4) A Link To The Past
5) The Legend of Zelda
6) The Wind Waker
7) Twilight Princess
8) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

I ******* LOVED Skyward Sword. It added a lot of fresh new gameplay elements that the series really needed.
User avatar #24 to #23 - Sanguinarian (10/05/2012) [-]
My list of Zelda's:

1) Majora's Mask (it beat OoT because of the masks)
2) Ocarina of Time
3) Twilight Princess (turning into a wolf was ******* awesome)
4) Skyward Sword
5) Wind Waker (because of the cool evolutionary look into that branch of the timeline)
#25 to #24 - friedrichengels (10/05/2012) [-]
Majora's Mask had better gameplay, but Ocarina had the better story, hence why I chose OoT over MM

Twilight princess was great, but it felt far longer than it needed to be, also being told that a blue rupee is worth 5 rupees every time I picked the game up to play pissed me off

Skyward Sword was ******* long, but didn't feel too long, and was just all around awesome

Wind Waker is a tough one. I don't know -WHY- I love it so much, just that I love it.
User avatar #40 to #25 - grogabusk (10/05/2012) [-]
> Ocarina had the better story


It had the most generic plot. It was literally your typical save the princess story. At least Majora's Mask changed it up. Especially with it possibly being a "through the rabbit hole" type story.
User avatar #26 to #25 - Sanguinarian (10/05/2012) [-]
Majora's Mask only beat OoT by a little bit because of the transformation masks

I did hate how it always did that everytime i started it again from my save point, the the story. characters and the wolf form was ******* awesome (not to mention THE ******* HERO'S SHADE! =D)

Skyward Sword wasn't THAT impressive, it didn't bring any great improvements or new gameplay/items since it relied heavily on the hype of the Wii Motion Plus

And Wind Waker wasn't that great but it was revolutionary enough to beat out the other games simply because of the Zora's evolution into Ruto's and Kokiri's into those leaf people, etc.
#27 to #26 - friedrichengels (10/05/2012) [-]
Skyward sword's new items that added fun gameplay elements

Bombs (while bombs are old news, the new method of getting them/being able to roll them, changes their usage dramatically, and they're quite awesome)
Gust Bellows
Mogma Mitts
Sailcloth (at least, a sailcloth being used in this manner)

what was that about skyward sword didn't really have any new items or gameplay elements?
User avatar #28 to #27 - Sanguinarian (10/05/2012) [-]
I didn't mean nothing new, i just mean nothing that truly WOW'd me, if you were extremely impressed by the items than thats great but i play ALOT of Zelda, Skyrim, Rise of the Argonauts blah blah blah, and am so used to those kind of strange but rather normal (in video games anyway) items to not impress me. The game itself was amazing, don't get me wrong I loved it. However, those items didn't inspire me to be like "Wow! These are ******* cool!" or anything, the items were interesting and i would love to see them in a later game(s).
#29 to #28 - friedrichengels (10/05/2012) [-]
The items are rather normal in video games, but the key is how they're used, and Skyward Sword used them EXTREMELY well.
User avatar #30 to #29 - Sanguinarian (10/05/2012) [-]
That they did, the way they are used is interesting. I am the type of person who when they play video games or watch movies/tv shows that i love, i instantly hop on the wiki or whatever and do as much research and stuff as possible. but these items, i hopped on to get some better looks at them and get a little more backstory and then i was done. So as great as the items are, i wasn't amazed by them.
User avatar #12 to #3 - poyzun ONLINE (10/05/2012) [-]
Skyward Sword was among my top favorite games of the series, and personally my favorite of the entire series in OoT, so my tops were OoT, LttP, MM, SS, WW then FS, I haven't however played Minish Cap, Link's Awakening or Link 2, I cannot stand to play that one..
User avatar #11 to #3 - swampert (10/05/2012) [-]
If I were to rank numerically it would be
1 Ocarina of Time
2 Link's Awakening
3 Majora's Mask
4 Link to the Past
5 Oracle of Ages
6 Twilight Princess
7 Windwaker
8 Oracle of Seasons
9 Skyward Sword
10 Minish Cap
11 Spirit Tracks
12 Zelda 1
13 Zelda 2
14 Phantom Hourglass
15 Four Swords Adventures
16 Four Swords
User avatar #8 to #3 - swampert (10/05/2012) [-]
As a Life long Zelda junkie My personal analysis is that it is the weakest of of the 3d games. Still a great game but the other 4 I find to be better.
User avatar #6 to #3 - grogabusk (10/05/2012) [-]
Invalid scale! Majora's Mask was the superior N64 Zelda game!

But eh, I'd give it a Twilight Princess. It tried so hard to be Wind Waker, but fell soooooo short. So much pointless sky exploration and there's only three main areas of the game. Nothing will ever come close to big three Zelda. Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time were both beautifully done, and Wind Waker was probably the most surprising game of the series with how amazingly put together it actually was.
User avatar #15 to #6 - Blackdrama (10/05/2012) [-]
I would pay to get this as a remake on the 3DS
User avatar #10 to #6 - swampert (10/05/2012) [-]
The big 3 should have either Link's awakening or Link to the Past in place of windwaker
User avatar #16 to #10 - grogabusk (10/05/2012) [-]
I'll agree with possibly replacing it with a Link to the Past, but not Link's Awakening.

I think Ocarina of Time has the first generation Pokemon thing going for it. It's only regarded so highly because of Nostalgiafags. It had a mediocre story, it was quite frankly too easy to play through even as a child, and the gameplay just isn't as good as its successors.

Top three should be:
1. Majora's Mask (it is the most well done Zelda game. People keeping sucking off OoT too much to even consider this though.)
2. Link to the Past/Wind Waker (I love both of them, and they could arguably take up the other two spots of the top three)
3. Ocarina of Time (While I may seem to be bashing, I really do love the game. People are just too obsessed with it and hype it up too much. It was still a great game. Hasn't aged the best though.)

This is the part where I admit I thought Twilight Princess was actually a pretty solid game outside of it being so easy....
User avatar #55 to #16 - swampert (10/07/2012) [-]
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. Unlike red and blue Ocarina of time actually holds up well against scrutiny. Link's Awakening has the best story of any Zelda game at least as far as i'm concerned.
#7 to #6 - ExorArgus (10/05/2012) [-]
I'm going to disagree whole heartedly that majoras mask was better its the 2nd best and i'm just going to say there is nothing you can say to convince me but ty for the info
#4 to #3 - ExorArgus (10/05/2012) [-]
On a**
#2 - grazy (10/05/2012) [-]
not the best cosplay ever but meh its me
User avatar #13 to #2 - poyzun ONLINE (10/05/2012) [-]
The shield is pretty nice, nicer than I've seen browsing the internet trying to find one :P
#54 to #13 - grazy (10/07/2012) [-]
saddly it was designed for the wrong hand
User avatar #56 to #54 - poyzun ONLINE (10/07/2012) [-]
no matter, it's still well done :P
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