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#13 - anon
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(10/04/2012) [-]
The owner of the MU is a greedy asshole, he just wants money for things he don't own. (as in pirated stuff mostly)

MU was never good, at least there were much better sites. When MU was shutdown we started using the better sites, like Putlocker for example(was good, but they don't to be MU so they delete stuff... still much faster than MU ever was and no limitations for free users either)

So now he wants to come back as a hear, good, so people who want to "pirate" stuff, because buying is too mainstream can buy membership to do that! I admit that it can be cheaper than actually buying stuff, but people seem to forget one thing: if making something cost someone money, someone somewhere has to pay for it. People use the reason for pirating stuff: "I don't steal it, i just copy it", "I wouldn't buy it anyway, so it's not a loss for them"... so if you wouldn't buy it then why download it?

We always cry for good movies, series, games and that the games are a port only (this is for PC mostly). WE are the one that doing this... they start make **** stuff for teens and reality shows, because it's cheap and the ones who watch it actually pay for it. This is when i see how SyFy gone to wrestling and reality shows and everyone blames them, yet we are the one using different methods to avoid advertisements, which if you didn't know pays for them to be seen. Same goes for everything.