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How I'll do it:
(Year is 2030, spaceships are normal)
Son: "Dad I Have something to tell you..."
Dad (me): "What?"
A wild Space Monkey appears!
*make space monkey steal my son, who I have conveniently named Mars *
*Keira Knightley is already my gf, due to alpha"
Her: "Honey, where are you going!?" :'(
>I love you, Keira Knightly, but Mars needs me.
Her: "Please don't go, you are the only thing that is able to satisfy me in every way"
>This is my destiny.
Her: "Be careful!!!!! " :'''(
*On spaceship, launch into impossible adventure into cosmos*
>Me: "And so it begins..."
*Rescue son and bring him home*
Son: "Thanks dad! You are the best for saving me!"
Me: "No problem son. What was it you wanted to tell me?"
Son: " I'm seeing someone, his name is Jeff"
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