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#150 - iamasian
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Panel 1: House appears as a guest on "The Big Bang Theory". He meets Sheldon and disagrees with his way of life. Sheldon begs to differ.

Panel 2: "Hey! The monkey that knows what the answer to world hunger is is running away!"

Panel 3: "But misterkinz, you'll die if you shove that bomb up your anus!"

Panel 4: "I'm sorry misterkinz, but we had to amputate your cock."

Panel 5: After searching planet Zorgee for a while, a hoard squid creatures starts chasing your group.

Panel 6: Several years after your return from Zorgee, you are summoned to examine possible signs of life on Mars.

You're welcome.
#160 to #150 - misterkinz [OP]
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(10/03/2012) [-]
better than content
#155 to #150 - shmochra
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(10/03/2012) [-]
Very nice. It thumbed!
Would math again
#156 to #155 - shmochra
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