Wendingo. chanarchive had a thread from 4chan on /x/ a few nights ago about scary tales and there was this one long one that got a lot of people. I decided to e creeypasta creepy wendingo X
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Wendingo. chanarchive had a thread from 4chan on /x/ a few nights ago about scary tales and there was this one long one that got a lot of people. I decided to e

chanarchive had a thread from 4chan on /x/ a few nights ago about scary tales and there was this one long one that got a lot of people. I decided to edit the spelling, organised it, and convert it to picture format. Really love the imagery.

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I was 16 with Family down In Alabama who farm and own a huge amount of land In Huntsville. My uncle owns a pug
nouse and a bunch they put out In the woods for nutting or camping. some of my Southern cousins suggest
that we go outthere to camp. They know rm a city kid from Chicago so the fuck out of me. we collect Food,
kill a pagani some chickens, and prang camp fora few days. wnan we genome camp ‘s obvious
somethung us wand. The aur has this wand deans smell luke rignt before a storm, luke ozone, but we trunk nothung of
It, unpacking go downlo a hale creek's wmm fora few noirs. All ofa sudden some guyana a white
teenager come out ofthe pusies. He has a shotgun In the crook of nus arm and says hello and ask us what were doung
this far back In the woods. we tell him about my uncle, who he knows, and say were camping out. He tells us we need
to be careful anthers and are untie woods. Hus son, who us my age, asks Wm can
stay and hang out with us to which he says "ck."
so we end up playing Football, and ducking around. It' s me, the white kid "Tanner," Five of my cousins, and then A of
their friends, Five gurls and SM boys. we were all around Fifteen or sexteen. we ended up just day away,
eventually goung backto the camp and pulling out some stuff for a camvee, even though the traders both had
kitchenette. Tanner saud he wanted to run home, nus Famaly' s property ins up against my uncles, and asked If he can
come out camping with us. My cousen 'Rooster' says nes goingto go with him sums ms getting pretty dark, and one of
the gurls says snes goingto walk with them. ms about 7 o' clock, and ms get pretty dark.
and take the trail towards fans property. The rest of us, chill and make smurfs, drunk and has on the gurls.
or forty minutes this smell of ozone agaen, you could smell It overton smell ofthe fure we
had started andalus really nasty luke " had a nosebleed and ms stopped.
exactly luke dried blood, but It was that nasty, metallic, back smell. we ms some
gund of electrical malfunction, orinal someone left a hotplate on or some snut. we search the trailers. Nothing us on,
and we all can smell It clearly now. All of a sudden we can near people sprinting down the path toward us and Rooster,
Tan and the gurl all come runnung unto the clearing out of breath. They doit even break stride, they all run unto the
fure us.
we all fuck out and get unto the trailers. They end up calming down, even Rooster us on/ mg nus
fuckung eyes out atones pount. All the whule the fure us doung down, so my other cousins eventually say: "fuck It,'' and
are go outside to gottne generator out of a shed between the trailers. "Tuck no. front
door, aunt nobody else goung outside. Hes peen and nus eyes are bloodshot and puffy, and nus pants are
dirty as snut. He goes on to tell us went up to nus nouse. Hus father saud he could go out camping mun make
sure they were careful on the way back and that maybe they should take one ofthe nutting rifles just In case.
seen a few days before andthen one had come up rapped up
and nelf eaten. They assumed It was just some pug cats or coyotes even doit usually fuck with luve
anamals. He had gone upstairs and packed nus stuff, and told nus dad they would be rifle pecause
coyotes avoid people. so they started walking where we were camping.
so, Rooster finally stops on/ mg and shaking, the gurl already had but sne was just staring outtie window with a dumb
look on ner face. He says they had gotten halfway unto the woods toward the camp wnan they started to near snut In
the forest. It was almost pitch black paynus tume so they weren' t sure at furst fuck It was, the gurl says that sne
pusies overdo t There was someone
standing back In the woods In a hale follow. Rooster saud they had snouted at him and told him that he was scaring
the fuck out ofthem and what a dick he was. He says that' s wnan he realized thatone guy was facing away from them.
so they keep walking, and they start nasty coppery ozone smell. They look off unto the
forest on the opposite side, and ms a dude standing In the Forest, backwards, slightly closer's the path. so now they
start and Tan keeps coun n should have takea the fuckung Mia." As they' re
smell us stull superstrong even capin.
They saltcat afternnon started walking faster, that a gund of low kippering had started coming from out of both sades
ofthe wood. And they started pocking It backto the trailer. The gurl saud sne had flashed ner out unto the
sude ofthem, and had seen woods
louder. Just wnan they could see the lugnt from our camp fure, they heard somethung come out ofthe woods
yards penned them onto the track and they had just flat out sprinted as hard as they could to the trailer. so were out In
the fuckung woods, and were atones pount assuming ms some rednecks or some fuck with us. All of a
sudden, my other cousen Jamar starts goung on about now he wantto school with a native kid that was telling him
about "The Goat Man" or some snut. we him to scuttle fuck up pecause we doit need any
rignt now. But he just keeps goung on and on about now ms the fuckung "Goat Man" and now were In nus woods and
blah, blah, plan.
Now atone time, I had never heard of anything luke that, puttign a couple years before graduated from college I had
a Menor for a roommate and I ended up asking him about t To sum It up, ms basically a fuckung man with the head of
a goat who can shape snuff and gets of people to terrorize them. us also supposed to be gund of
thatit' s bad mulch: even worse ifyou see t keep In mind, I back
wnan I was sexteen. so my cousen : "The getan and ." The guns are ed
and my cousins and I are all fugure (‘ s some anamal. so all ofa
suddently away; to this day, I t Like, fade away
orderless untense. one second andthen gottne second.
so after an hour, making It around 9 or 10, weve stopped shitting pricks long enougn to go back outside and tend the
fure agaen. we fugure It was just some assholes tryingto fuck with us, so we doctro back nome. we trunk If we do,
the/ ll chase us through the woods or some crazy snut. Nothing else wand happens that nuget. we stay another night,
and forune maan part ofthe nuget nothung nappers. At about one In the morning were outside getting drunk and
As someone us spooky story, I doit remember whatabout, the smell comes back.
And s so ofthe gurls laterally starts nerving. I stand up, you can actually feel now
aur us, and I say we should get unsure. mus um right, we should have just fuckung left." we all go back Inside; were
standing around and my cousen just keeps goung on about now It s the Goat Men. My cousen Roosterteeth to shut him
the fuck up. All the whule rm just somethung else us wrong, and I cant fugure out fuck It us.
we end up fora whule. we smell Inmates Strong's before and were terrefied and huddled inteus
camper. we end up cooking prats for everyone pecause nobody wants to go outside. us one ofthose packs with A
prats In a pack we have a total of 3 packs. egroll them up on the stove and guve everyone a hot dog. met mune. After a
whule one of my cousins gets up and goes overdo the pitto get another one. He starts crumpling about now the fuck
do and everybody else one, and I look at him luke nes fuckung stupud. ttell him that everybody only
got one pecause there were only 12 brats, If he wants more he should open up a new pack and cook some more. That' s
wnan the gurl that had peen out with Rooster and tan just starts screaming: "oh Jesus OH LORD an cu " snes on/ mg
and shivering, and then It dawns on the cousen standing up fuck us wrong. He and I both glance around the
room, and then I feel my heart fuckung sunk. I run the fuck out ofthe capin and the gurl run out with us, the trailer door
us sude everybody pocks capin.
one of my causin' s friends asks us fuck was wrong. I start counting us, and theres only 11 now. I not,
my cousen verified. There had peen twelve people In the capin. But everyone didnt really know each other
well, nobody had really notaced the whole fuckingtime was an extra person. realized what was off
earlier. you know now wnan you are just ducking around, having a good tume you doit sweating small snut. you doit
always keep track of certain stuff, but rm dead sure that someone else had peen In the trailer with us, and
had peen there for at least a fuckung day, eating with us. wnat makes It worse us I couldnt fugure out which one
pecause I domething anyone ever actually interacted with the other person/ the Goat Man. The gurl kept
Jesus and were all sitting outside, eventually we get ass stucks and go back In the cabin, and theres nobody In
there. we count agaen, and theres 11 people. we go back unto the trailer and locking door. we explained
fuck happened, and the gurl says that sne realized and that wnan sne was say somethung wnan the
person sitting nexter ner had grabbed ner leg hard, leaned overpowerd ner and saud somethung sne couldnt
so we are pretty much scared as fuck and we huddle togetter and eventuality manage to fall asleep. wnan I wake up
the sun us just coming up, nelf ofthe people are asleep and the other nelf are packing our snut up. we all wantto walk
back home, but around four people wantto stay until the sun us all the way up. And some people were just
fuckung around and stull wantto stay atone trailers. Must wanted to gottne fuck out ofthe woods. The gurls name was
Rena, the one thatone Goat Man had touched. Anyway! ask ner If sne It was somethung bad and sne says
to go home and be woods alone . so we splut
people up and the Courtnay wantto go leave. I have to stay pecause I have the keys to the capin and ms my uncles sol
have to lock up. rm atones point, pecause I feel luke people
defenately doit wantto be out In the woods for another nuget. I spend the rest ofthe convince the rest of
the people, now ogirls and gguys to gottne fuck out of dodge. Tanner leaves with them to go get a rifle and says nes
goingto be back. so there are just seven of us left. It' s about four o' clock.
This was late In September, so It was stull fairly hot atone tume but It was super chilly some days too. you could
usually near pug ass geese nanking or some gund of punds or squirrels chattering. so I step outtie door and tell her:
Come back In the damn now we backs up unto the trailer and we locking fuckung door
and pull down allone snides excepting, and In a watch her. sne for
another 20 minutes or so. The to saltcat snes stull there, and theres a huge fuckung pang on the door. we
fuck up and scrapple abounding ll " room . The hanging's . we all
packing fuck up away from the door. The panging came agaen, and agaen, and agaen. I was shitting pricks atones
time, pretty sure my death was . more I could react, the door had opened, and we all got on the floor.
wen we fearian, nes screaming: an MATHE FUCK w STOP FUCKING ‘." so we go overdo the door, open
It, and he stumbles In with a rifle. weres no one else outside.
Apparently he was walking up to the campsite; nothung wand happened In the Forest, but he had seen a girl, mund
you he saud etwas , . wnan he had edge ofthe
him with this slackjawed look and just stared him down, him as he walked around the outside of
the camp. He saud he was had
was getting closer's num. sne had started off bythe fure and, without him even seeing ner move, had peen turning,
and . He saud restoring be open. wnan he
dooring he felt etwas locked, returned and etwas distance to the door. He looks around
the room and then gets super pale. He pulls me to the sude and whispers In my ear: Wan know there are only SM of
you In here right?" Igotthis feeling where your stomach drops to your nuts. It had peen back unsure the trailer
whule we were sorting out who was goung where, and then wnan we all went outside to talk earlier In the day, It
has just slapped rignt back . we look outtie window and there us nobody outthere. so we recount everyone and
basically I go over and ask everyone now many people were here earlier. Everyone says 3. I say: "teell now many
are here now?" They all do the count and realize there are only 7 people In the capin now.
Tan had couple boxes obamma and nus rifle. He nus was some gund
In the forest pecause he he would beleeve him If he saud It was Goat Man. He says that nus cousen us
supposed to be coming down In a few noirs and that In the morning we can all go backto nus place, and nus cousen
wull drave us nome. Now rm really ed, butt atleast feel we can be American and snoot
the fuck out of whatever It us If It comes back. Butthen my cousen gets unto this huge argument with one ofthe gurls
pecause sne trunks that rm tryingto be funny and prankster, that snes getting really scared and that rm not peing
funny. He keeps telling ner rm nowthat gund of person and sne say "Well now do we know the gurl
a wig? gunman, now do we ustee
woods andmake hisown?
so we fucknugget unto a huge argument , and and I say: "tve could sereously be In
danger pecause atone very least someone has peen In and out of our without
us knowing and mangling with us. At worst ms somethung bad In the forest fuckung with us." one ofthe gurls us
mung and sayang sne wants to go rignt now, and were tryingto tell forthat' s a no fuckingno pecause none of us
are woods untie muddle ofthe nuget. Atones countine sun us go down and ms
getting a hale cloudy out. we eat somethung and turn on the radeo for a whule but we cant reallynot a station out
there with anything decent, so we turn It off at tume cousen snows up. Atones countine sun us
just barely overton corazon and he has one ofthose heavy duty lantern and another rifle. He walks up to
the trailer and we Tan asking If nes sure that' s nus cousen and he says yes.
The outlooks penned him and all abounding camp, then walks . He gund affiances atall offs and looks a we
confused. He says "thhere' buddy at? I fugured sne would meetme up atone cabin, us sne a we
slow or something?" He asked If we' peen cooking blood In the capin pecause It smelled luke bloody and hot pans
all the way up the trail. we all fuckung . betamax and ask him fuck nes talking about. He had come
downthe had peen had come up on "one ofyou' sgu/ s buddies"
muddle slackjawed. He had asked nera bunch outall sne did
num. wen sne smiled athem, and he saud he putins keep up with him and kept
we penned. He saud he asked was hurt orsomething, and ufsnp need help and sne andjust
continued staring. He saud eventually he had come around a pend In the trail wnan he turned around and went back
see ufsnp was okay. betrayl was empty. He had assumed sne partaken some
woodson .
we tell him the whole story of what' s peen goung on and he the fuck out. I expected him to say we were full
offput, he was around nineteen strunk, and sitdown onine couches untie luving room. He says
that wnan sne had lag penned him It had weirded him the fuck out so he trued to keep ner In front of
him, butno mattering slow he walked sne was always we penned. He continuesly smelled
this , and he got closer's the camp. He said: "Eventually urgot really strongmen had
saud somethung under ner breath than didnt catch. learned and sne had peen fuck up on me, I flinched
back from her." It was atones pount he asked ner If sne was and If sne wanted him to carry ner packing rest ofthe
way. sne just kept staring. He saud he reached out for her, as In to grab ner on the shoulder, he must have
distance" pecause sne was sude he had putins hand, as ufsnp had moved whule
he was looking dead anner.
so atones pointle knowings shit' s real understan us , which we cancell nes nes almost
pussing nus pants. so they load up their rifles, eat some more, and we just gund of sut around until about this
fuckung day, everytime strunk , I really prayed god that ms some huge pranktank my cousins played on
me so I would . At round 11, the stunk
unto an actual blood smell, luke cooking blood and sungod naur. Tan and nus cousen, Reese, gottne fuck up
instantly and grab the rifles without a songle word saud. immedeately aftertastes a gund of nelf knocking, nelf
clawing atone door, I nottetris this vows, and It sounds luke wnan you see those youtube cats and dogs
knose owners teach them now to "talk", and It says In this halting, vows, "Let me the fuck In stop
fuckung playing." It made my fuckung nuts creep up against my body, one ofthe gurls just starts mung and calling on
Imus so fuckung obviously nota . , andthat' s some never
realized until that moment, but all people have a certain cadence wnan no matter what language. All
people have a certain gund of rhythm to talking. This snut didnt have any gund of cadence or rhythm, youtube those
cats. That' s fuck It sounded luke outside the door. so now rm In full on terror mode and we keep yelling
outside: “Wm: us um Stop maal" and must keeps sayang, "In" or" Fuckin"
Fifteen minutes.
Sorry for peing on a tangent, but ifyou can' magine now this snut sounded, then you cant amagine now fucked up
the whole situation was. smeargles away fora whule and forune , you can
basically creeping around the camp place. Every couple minutes It comes backto the door, and says somethung.
Finally wnan the smell fades away, ms around two In the morning. Reese says: "Man FUCK this," opens the door
and walks outside with nus rifle. He fares a snot unto the aur and says the effect o An the name of
Jesus awa " He furrytwo more tunes In succession, andthen fromthe woods raver
across luke someanonguy nooting.
wen It starts resounds luke a woman and a Gatun a . I sereously have never
heard any snut luke that, and you can nearing brush overcoat way Harms snake. Reese raises the Darrel In that
derection and fares over unto the tree lune, then slowly backs unto the nouse. we locking door, and we can near
this snut keening and screaming. Reese says somethung had come out ofthe bushes, super low to the ground
the cabin, he had snot at t Pretty much, that was now the rest ofthe nuget went, It was laterally
screaming constantly forune next 2 noirs and we could near snut moving out unto the tree lune. But It didit come
back up to the capin until everyone had finally fallen asleep. Tan had peen sitting In the chair door
with nus rifle, nobody else heard or saw this, and he told me two days later afterthe whole toung was over. He saud
he had peen nodding noeses , and he had almost fallen asleep wnan he
saw someone come out ofthe bathroom and then lay down In the muddle ofthe floor and go to sleep. He just
assumed etwas one offs and he had nodded off.
wen he saud he gund of realized somethung was wrong and whule be sleeping he counted us. There
were 9 people untie capin. He capin and have itkill us all,
or have Reese wake up and start snorting and we kill ourselves. so he just stayed awake all night,
be asleep. He saud sometimes itwould stand up and botnus , luke etwas laughung. But
then It would " back down. so, the story closes pretty weak, pecause from my perspective nothung happened.
we woke up and I notaced thatway was a we Jittery, and that he was avoiding looking at any of us. But we ate
some breakfast, packed up, and started nus nouse. He stayed last In the capin and saud ned lock up and
prang me my uncle' s keys, to just start walking and ned catch up which I didnt really wantto fuckung do. we got a
we put up the path, he came runnung up and basically we Justjuiced backto nus nouse and nus cousen took us
home. There was a window untie bathroom.
Tan had gone backto lock up and look In there, he saud there was a window, that we were too stupid to lock and
was no screen on t The window was fuckung up wnan he . rm peen doung
that all along, waiting for us to fall asleep or slap up and then getting In among us. It walked with us all the god
damn way backto nus nouse and then he saud It lagged to the back ofthe group and then looked him dead In the
eyes and walked unto the woods.
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#8 - eminemisthebest
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(10/03/2012) [-]
What the ******* **** man. Its now dark as **** in my house and I trust NOTHING.
What the ******* **** man. Its now dark as **** in my house and I trust NOTHING.
User avatar #2 - whycanticaps
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(10/02/2012) [-]
I usually read this things, but holy hell that is so damn long
User avatar #14 to #2 - itwasntnsfw
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(10/03/2012) [-]
It's worth it.
#11 - sergeantamerica **User deleted account**
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(10/03/2012) [-]
I just got to this, it's 1:30am.  I scrolled down to the comments to see if it was worth it.  Looks like I'm saving this tab, going to bed now and reading this when there's light outside.   
gif actually related.
I just got to this, it's 1:30am. I scrolled down to the comments to see if it was worth it. Looks like I'm saving this tab, going to bed now and reading this when there's light outside.

gif actually related.
User avatar #12 to #11 - itwasntnsfw
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(10/03/2012) [-]
1:30 and I just finished. Looks like I am sleeping with the lights on
#1 - anon
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(10/02/2012) [-]
User avatar #13 to #1 - itwasntnsfw
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(10/03/2012) [-]
You missed out.
#23 - electromuffin
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(10/04/2012) [-]
This was ******* terrifying
User avatar #10 - shittypants
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(10/03/2012) [-]
well now im gunna look like a puss for haveing my light on in the middle of the night good read
User avatar #5 - darkseidrules
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(10/02/2012) [-]
That was actually terrifying.
#18 - LittleMissDucky
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(10/03/2012) [-]
All of my NOPE
All of my NOPE
#17 - jjholt
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(10/03/2012) [-]
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User avatar #7 - gravegraffiti
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(10/03/2012) [-]
Worth the read. That was both awesome and scary.