Rorshach is awesome. He is my favorite superhero!.. Rorschach's Journal October 12th 1985 8:00am Woke up this morning to cold apartment. Got up and turned on heat. Warmth flooded through vents like my wrath flood
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Rorschach's Journal
October 12th 1985

Woke up this morning to cold apartment. Got up and turned on heat. Warmth flooded through vents like my wrath floods upon the violence and corruption of this city. Put on fuzzy slippers.

Made coffee extra bitter. Tasted like the failure of a drunkard mother who spends all her money on her drug addiction instead of providing for her children. Will steal sugar cubes from Dreiberg next time I visit. He won't mind.

Saw children playing in streets as I walked around the city, innocent youth soon to be corrupted by the shameless filth of our rotting society. One came up to me and asked why I wear a mask. Told him that my mask was my true face and that I mean to cleanse the foul grime that festers in the heart of the city. Kid started crying. Panicked and walked away. Why does that always happen to me?

Stopped by McDonald's for lunch. Room was crowded with crooked businessmen trying to bury their guilt in quarter pound cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes.They looked at me with fear in their eyes. I knew that they knew that I knew it was only a disguise. Ordered a burger and left knowing that I would reek havok on their tainted businesses.

Sat on bench outside of McDonald's to eat burger.
Hurm. Forgot cheese.
I starred at my burger, empty and meaningless like this city, screaming out for its cheese of mercy but left unsatisfied. Walked back inside and informed lady at cash register of mistake. Woman smiled and apologized. It was a fake smile. I glared at her through her false guilt and she frowned and starred at me as if I were crazy.

Maybe I am crazy. Crazy for justice...
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the worlds most badass ginger
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The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists
and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout
'Save us!'

And I'll look down, and whisper
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and it makes no sense...
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****		 yeah...
**** yeah...
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the first time i looked at that gif i thought it was a vagina
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"None of you seem to understand"
"Im not locked in here with you"
"You are locked in here with me"
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God bless that man... Ehm...
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For being your favourite superhero, you spelled his name ******* wrong
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Rorschach is the reason I use Kovacs as a username for everything.
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I 			*******		 love rorshach
I ******* love rorshach
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"He's my favorite superhero."

Idiot. One of the themes of the book was that the Minutemen and newer Heroes (the 'Crimbusters', as they were called by Captain Metropolis) weren't neccesary, because from the moment Dr. Manhattan entered the fray, the hero became obsolete, and they had to make way for the superhero: Dr. Manhattan.

Point being: Rorschach isn't a superhero. He isn't even a hero. He's a vigilante that doesn't care for the law. You didn't read the book.
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Whats the point of his mask? apart from hiding his identity.
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In his mind without the mask their is no Rorschack. He also calls it his face.
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he was the only reason i watched that crap movie. and then what do those ******* do? they up and kill him! (sorry for people who didnt watch) pissed me off.
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Watched this last night :)
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