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I think it's funny that only the fact about butterflies is right.
"The dimensions differ among adults by only one or two millimeters. The vertical measure, generally less than the horizontal distance, is about 24 mm among adults, at birth about 16–17 mm. (about 0.65 inch) The eyeball grows rapidly, increasing to 22.5–23 mm (approx. 0.89 in) by the age of three years. From then to age 13, the eye attains its full size. The volume is 6.5 ml (0.4 cu. in.) and the weight is 7.5 g "
Watermelons come from the south african or namibian BUSH, not kalahari desert. If you were urinating and someone stuck a needle in your arm, neither would stop. Your heart doesn't stop when you piss, and people have been known to wet themselves for fear of giving blood. The antartic ice sheet contains 30 million cubic km of ice. That does not include 0.9 million cubic kilometres of urine. Look this **** up next time.
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actually, the flutterby is wrong too. "According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the English word "butterfly" appeared sometime before the 12th century. The Old English word was "buterfleoge," which literally means "butterfly." Although no one is certain why this word was chosen for the insect, it is believed that people thought that witches assumed the shape of the insect when they stole butter and cream. Thus, the English word has nothing to do with the Latin order "Lepidoptera.""