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Do you like video games?

Hey funnyjunk!
I know you hear this a
little to often, but just for
not getting flamed: I' m
not looking for thumbs
or that kinda shit.
This post isn' t even
about anything funny,
it' s about something
Do you like mining and
collecting minerals?
Do you like having con-
trol over the environ-
ment you play in?
Do you like random
generated areas?
Yeah this starts to sound
like minecraft, so lets go
a bit further...
Do you like space!?
What about some sexy
ass graphics?
Do you like awesome
physics engines?
Do you like, defending
your base?
Are you up for mixing all
this together?
Oh wait, someone -
ready did. Or, is about
to do!
You' re this little robot,
hovering around and
building your base.
Your base is a mining
station! But enemies will
attack you!
Therfore you' ll have
to build defences.
You' ll always be ab-
to move around
your buildings.
Yeah seriously!
You can just grab
them with a magnet
Also, you can grab
your enemies!
You' re even able, to
mine with rockets!
You can just blow up the
Do you like this idea?
I sure do!
But the problem is...
A game costs money...
So they' re trying to
crawdaunt it! on:
You don' t have to pay if
you' re brken.. Even tell-
ing people about it will
help! Links in description!
Views: 5252 Submitted: 09/26/2012