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User avatar #102 - avyon
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(09/27/2012) [-]
hear i sit, taking a ****, and having a really rough time.
i push and push, and strain my tush, but all that i get is green slime.
I pushed and pushed, but started to contemplate
Should I finish this dump, or should I masturbate
i groaned and cowered, shaking a bit, trying so hard not to cry
if i continue to strain my bowels like this, i'll lose my intestines and die
as i pushed, my muscles strained, my knuckles began to crack,
and as i shat, from the water came the god damn splash back.
my ass now covered with water from this filthy crap filled bowl,
but i push some more and soon beads of sweat begin to roll.
So I try as I might, In this fair fight, To take a massive dump
I finally do it, Hurrah I say! In the water, the crap goes thump
my intestines spasim, my sphincter aches, and with a mighty shake,
a rocket turd flys out my ass and causes my toilet to break.
So on to attempts, I devised a new plan to get the **** out inside
I used lotion as lube and shoved my fist up, and prepared for a wild ride.
i pushed and pushed, but nothing came out, groaning i stood on the seat
i stuck up a finger and dragged out that ****, that feeling has made me complete
but during my caper, i discovered no paper, not one single sheet.
but i could not linger, so i used my finger, and wiped it on the seat.
User avatar #108 to #102 - sonicsyndicate
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(09/27/2012) [-]
i love this person with my entire being
#106 to #102 - arbazio
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(09/27/2012) [-]
... to say the least
#105 to #102 - djbs
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(09/27/2012) [-]