scum bag translator. . mead someone who speaks help sowing. wont take too long please email me ASAP! no no need Japanese Canidate? I Chan, I help you with trans scum bag translator mead someone who speaks help sowing wont take too long please email me ASAP! no need Japanese Canidate? I Chan you with trans
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scum bag translator

mead someone who speaks help sowing. wont
take too long please email me ASAP!
no no need Japanese Canidate? I Chan, I help you with translate
From Seem - to Me:
hey than so ck hates the deal, my no player sudden; stopper: working and I cant
toguro outlaw. tor some reason the only manual i nave is entirely In Japanese. I
took a pic or the page rm pretty sure " the troupe mooring part can you see it it
says about no sound coming hunt the ?
on I rind three twig may help you:
Failure or sound from Device“
skipping ovum tor poor sound'
Sound volume low very much"
From Mott - to In
mum .whatdoes , say tor the unsound one?
From Me to scant -"W:
Hello and thank you tor chose glorious master on player! Apologies many tor
trouble product Tn gakupo 01 me sound, fallow step:
1 Unplug mullahs master on player
2. Plug glorious master on player back "
I nope tms new
From soon - no Mo:
that doesnt Help me at all. is that all it says?
From Me to soot: -.
on not very sorry. mere more steps to nalp your Here:
r slur experience inure oline sound, your glorious player possessed
W audio demon To tanish audio demon, mow step
1 ignite seven candle
2 Play to Bennett, Goddess or Music
will banish audio demon to eternal
A Try play on again
Kym tail banishing Claudio demon. you tame Much dishonor or family name
suggest immediate dean try seppuku "
I we you Datum audio demon! Much luck
From soon - to Me:
you does ' really say that?
I just translate what you give.
From an "N" no Mo
no way it says trial. what kind or useless manual is this? how is that supposed to
help anyone?
Very sorry, attain demon Mg poblem min many on player! i have sword, much
sharp, good an seppuku. you want borrow
From soon - no Me:
ware you talking akchill. an demona this is as are you screwing win me?
From soon - no Me:
on I Semitic wrong page? ( INS is the more or commits. can you look at ths
and tell me which page is the any then Ill send you that one
That no more or content, that Sushi takeout menu! Try #15. Spicy salmon Roll!
From soon - to Me:
W or buddy thanks tor trotting you [amass
Later, tram email account
Hey mere.
I saw your ad and mini can help you I majored in Japanese in college, speak ll
and lived in Miyazaki .
From soon """'no Mo
thanks so much mike. I was talking to someone we tor new but GK war ms
prooblem was dude kept sending me all Mis as anyway my Cd player ism working
amine manual is only in Japanese so i need nalp reading the troubleshooting
part attached picture is the table or contents, could you see it it says
what page pains on and their ill send you man
From Me to some -.
you sent me a sushi takeout menu. Are you sure you nave the Ugh! Gramers?
From soon - no Me:
mull Idem know what is going uni ' has a picture oline cu player on the tram
and then this is the next page why would they puta sushi menu in there’!
Japanese instruction manuals are not like the American manuals you are used to
They men Include , and I guess in INS case, a Sushi menu
Looking at , closer, it says wank you tor purchasing this glorious master on
player Why not order sushi while you allay music?”
From soon - to Me:
well that is dump whatever mink [Ills page is the part because
mile tables. am i mt? do you see anything about there not being any sound?
From Me to no -m:
Yes, rm is the will page k says to unplug it and plug it pack in
From Scam -onono Me:
yea I on that naming t that in
From Me to Sec -.
Well, you' re not gonna want to hear this out it says your on player is possessed
try , or "audio deman." YOU stimuli: candles and may to
the god or music
soon’ Were you we to banish the audio demon’
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