My Life: The Book. For fans (like myself) of the My Life comic. This story was written with permission, all of the characters and plot to this story belong to L my life lolgenerator

My Life: The Book

For fans (like myself) of the My Life comic. This story was written with permission, all of the characters and plot to this story belong to LoLgenerator<br />
Part 2 will be up tomorrow

My Life: The book Based on the comic by Lolgenerator
At first there was nothingness. How long had I been here,
falling, trapped? But I cant wake up, Ifl wake up... My world
will be gone former...
I opened my eyes with a shuddering gasp, "Oh man... Where
am I?" My head hurt. My limbs ached and I felt dizzy, sick, I
noticed the unfamiliar odour of the bed I lay on and began to
shake uncontrollably. Moving proved to be a mistake: as I
reached the bathroom I collapsed onto the floor, vomiting
violently as the dizziness overpowered me, Somehow I
managed to pull myself up and, using the sink for support,
look into the cracked mirror. My features were different, yet
not unfamiliar. "What is this place?"
Looking out of the window was another mistake. "Oh God." I
took another deep breath, willing myself not to vomit again
as I stared at the mangled corpses of my friends
and neighbours. "HELP M-" was written up the wall in blood
and scarlet hand prints streaked the front door, "Everyone
is... dead? What happened?!" A low rumbling, like the engine
of a car, reached my ears from the distance, The sun
reflected off something metallic and red. "Who is that? I have
to be seeing things. Everyone is dead." My next instinct was
to run but I stayed where I was, fighting it, Inthere were
others left alive, I had to find them.
The truck came to a stop in front of me, an agitated yell
coming from the inside, "GET IN THE CAR NOW!" I just
nodded, moving towards the car silently but wondering if he
could give me answers. "What' s going on man? Who are
you?" I asked as we tore up the deserted road, everywhere
where everything was, empty. "Well to summarize it ... The
world ended yesterday."
The end of the wored?" I repeated, scepticism evident in my
You got it."
We don' t go by names anymore, we go by powers."
What are you talking about?"
Yes, powers. My name is Fire. Watch and learn,"
My heart beat in my throat as Fire moved his hand to point at
the open window and released a roaring, red hotest of flame
from his hand. "Holy **** !... Then what are my powers?"
I don' t know, what' s your name?"
I... cant remember." Sighing, I closed my eyes as we drove
A few minutes later Fire' s voice broke the silence: "It' s
getting dark. We need to rest here for the night."
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User avatar #1 - LoLgenerator (05/09/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I like it. Your a good writer, too. You don't have to post it though for thumbs. If you want you can disable thumbing and then just give me all the parts. Yes, I will tell people that you wrote it.
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