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User avatar #160 - barabajagala
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Not heard this one, and I've just written an essay about the creation of humans in greek myth.
> Prometheus tries to trick Zeus by offering really good but **** looking meat or **** meat that looks awesome for sacrifice.
> Zeus picks **** one and punishes Prometheus and mankind (sons of titans/inbreeding) by removing fire.
> Prometheus steals fire back and Prometheus tied to a rock by Zeus and contiuously has his liver picked out. Zeus also creates the most evil thing imaginable to punish mankind.
> Zeus creates woman (Pandora) and offers her to Epimetheus.
> Epimetheus kinda stupid, and despite Prometheus saying no he marries Pandora.
> Pandora releases all the evils of the world.
> Thus we have mortal men and women.
> Later Pyhrra (Pandoras daughter) and Deucaleon (Prometheus' son) (feel free to correct spelling), survive a flood and throw stones over their shoulders creating men from the earth.

I spent far too long going through Hesiod to make this shorter, sorry
#164 to #160 - ironstrike
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was a good read, thank you.