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#1493 - kingmarston (09/21/2012) [-]
I would rather have a president that can stand up to terrorists rather than apologize to them..
User avatar #1512 to #1493 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
He didn't apologize to them at all, what are you smoking?
User avatar #1524 to #1512 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
Yes he did.
Don't be silly bro.
User avatar #1528 to #1524 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
The embassies did, he did not. He said he doesn't condone the making of the video, but that's not apologizing. I don't condone it, but it's their right to make that movie. That doesn't mean people approve. He was making sure people knew that he wasn't defending the movie, but the person who made it.

That's a distinction that needs to be made.
User avatar #1529 to #1528 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
America's Representatives Apologized.
They Represent Obama and America.
Through them, America, under Obama's Presidency, Apologized.

Not okay bro.
No nation should apologize to another nation for silly things like this. Especially when they're perfectly legal.
User avatar #1531 to #1529 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
Don't blame Obama then, he obviously didn't give them the "thumbs up" to say what the embassies said, because he said something completely different than what they said.

It makes us look bad, but don't point the blame to Obama. How would you feel if you were him?
User avatar #1538 to #1531 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
I'm not blaming Obama.
Not at all.
User avatar #1541 to #1538 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
You just said that he apologized for the movie, that's blaming Obama for the apologizing.
User avatar #1545 to #1541 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
Not at all. It's a Logical Property, if A = B and B = C, then A = C.
Through Representation, Obama Apologized.
User avatar #1555 to #1545 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
First you must identify what

User avatar #1558 to #1555 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
But that would be utterly pointless, in relevance to this conversation.
User avatar #1569 to #1558 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
Not at all, you're making a claim, a simple mathematical equation.
What is A in this claim? And B? And C?

Obama did not apologize, because Obama is not anyone else but the president.
User avatar #1578 to #1569 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
Logical. Not Mathematical.
It's a little different.
This is completely irrelevant, Obama Apologized through Representation, Embassy's words = Obama's Words. Obama's words = America's words.

Quit being hard headed bro. That's completely besides the point.
User avatar #1603 to #1578 - cullenatorguy (09/21/2012) [-]
You're making the jump that Obama is everything in the government. He isn't, he doesn't make all our decisions, he's in charge of the military, and that's pretty much his job description.

The embassy's words do not equal Obama's words, seeing as how Obama said something completely different than what the embassy said. Even if I agreed with you, Obama's direct words should surpass those that, as you say, represent him.
User avatar #1606 to #1603 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/22/2012) [-]
I know you've probably prepared an extensive witty Rebuttal, and I understand that.
But I'm talking about vidya in another thread, and I'm getting JUST A LITTLE buttmad.

So it'd be really chill if we could drop the hatchet on this one, n'am sayin?

I like you. You're intelligent. I just can't do this right now brohboat.
User avatar #1605 to #1603 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
Also ofcourse.
Commander in Chief
Even then he cannot declare war.

Also, all this is still besides the point.
Point is, He's not a good or bad President, he's just not effective.
User avatar #1604 to #1603 - alfjnn ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]
What has he said then, that is so vastly different?
User avatar #1607 to #1604 - cullenatorguy (09/22/2012) [-]
http://www.youtube . com/watch?v=amTUk3rdg1Q

There you go. He repeats that he does not condone the making of the film, but he does not apologize for it's making.
#1507 to #1493 - Rascal (09/21/2012) [-]
thank you, for not being a jackass
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