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#126 - sillyb ONLINE (09/16/2012) [-]
User avatar #153 to #126 - kraykan (09/16/2012) [-]
You realize that funnyjunk reposts as much as 9gag right? but they are just a funny repost site that doesnt claim oc. But FJ is famous for reposting and trying to take credit, or did you miss the whole FJ oatmeal thing? Besides, 9gag reposts the cream of the crop form other sites hours before FJ does. I feel like everyone here is butthurt because (gag is more famous. It really just boils down to what you want from a website. FJ and 9gag satisfy different things.
User avatar #152 to #132 - danielph (09/16/2012) [-]
doesn't matter still laughed.
#136 to #132 - threedoggninja **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#135 to #132 - anonymous (09/16/2012) [-]
I suppose you have reasons for hating 9gag? I would be delighted to hear them.
User avatar #138 to #135 - amidgetwalrus (09/16/2012) [-]
Hell,they repost from FJ.The site might as well be called Best of Reddit and 4chan. If there is 10% OC ill be amazed.
#157 to #138 - potatotown (09/16/2012) [-]
>implying fj dosent repost, or any site for that matter, most content on the internet is reposted
i hate them because of the attitude the majority of them have, of how they think their site is the best of them all, and how much they ******* overuse memes and ragefaces, its just annoying, but when we were all new we thought rage comics were funny, but thats what that entire site is based off of, and it gets real old real fast, but they all think its funny, so let them have their fun, its just a playground for newfags who still have their innocence, it is like a halfway house between the internet and real life, where controversial humor (9/11 jokes, holocaust jokes, racist jokes) is frowned upon, its one of those sites you are not afraid to show your mom any of the content, its just annoying, but as i said, let them have their fun, they're just kids
I dont see the point in "raiding" them and putting so much energy towards them
User avatar #149 to #138 - ultimoz (09/16/2012) [-]
Whats wrong with them sharing pictures from other sites? We "repost" from ********* of sites and most of the time credit is given. 9gag don't always give credit but you don't have to hate the whole site.
User avatar #150 to #149 - amidgetwalrus (09/16/2012) [-]
It is "sharing" if credit is given,which i dont see a You need to login to view this link is technically stealing if you dont link/cite the owner properly.
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