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The hardware is better.
Seriously, you are all ******* retarded it seems.
It's about as logical as saying that the ps3 is just a fancy looking ps2.
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No. its pretty much like the upgrade between a fat ps2 and a skinny ps2. pretty much no change at all. The could have done so much more.
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Can i play infinity blade 2 on my ipod touch 1st gen? No? But it's the same as the 4th gen isn't it? Just the screen is a little bigger on the newer one. Right?????
Wrong. The hardware has gotten better over time. I use ipods as an example as i am less familiar with what the iphones can run respectively, but it is the same idea.

Have PCs not changed in the last 10 years just because they still come in the same cases?

The skinny ps2 had wifi and took up less space. It was also cheaper. The hardware was exactly the same apart from the added wifi. The hardware in the iphone is different. If you don't like it get over it and don't buy it. Your bitching doesn't affect apple in any way.

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Pleasure from anal penetration increases.
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