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User avatar #57 - sketchysketchist
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(09/15/2012) [-]
There's no denying that apple's run by greedy ass people.
However, their products are decent.
Honestly, if you want to get **** done stick with a PC.
But if you want to view the internet/porn freely without the fear of viruses get a mac.
Just don't be that douche who says the **** you buy is better and that means you're better than others.

Seriously though, why does the internet make it so hard to like, hate, know, or not know ****.
#96 to #57 - Immachargin
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(09/15/2012) [-]
>view the internet/porn freely without the fear of viruses get a mac.
User avatar #93 to #57 - ronyx
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(09/15/2012) [-]
What kind of retard gets a virus from watching porn and browsing the internet?
User avatar #81 to #57 - shogg
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(09/15/2012) [-]
I do agree with you in some aspects.
With a Windows PC, gaming is a lot easier and most games run better, plus you can build a decent gaming rig for about the same price as a Mac, or buy a prebuilt for $700 and still be able to play games, although on the lowest quality, or slightly choppy. I could run Fallout 3 with no problems on my Compaq. Windows PCs are also better for office work, and even come with a full office suite, although nowadays they are only trials, which is ********. They also offer a whole ******* more customization than Macs.

Macs, on the other hand, are ******* fantastic at editing. If you use a Windows PC to edit, then use a Mac, you'll see the difference. You can play games with Macs, though it is kind of difficult to and you need third party programs, and it would most likely bug out a lot and crash because of said programs. There isn't as much customization, for instance, I change all of the sounds on my sisters computer to me saying 'The Game', and her default font to the Transformers font. Couldn't do that on a Mac. Mac has a really good chess game, though.

So really, it depends on what you are doing. If you run out and buy a Mac for gaming, you are ******* retarded and deserve to die. If you buy a Windows PC for editing, you should have read up on it first.

Everyone knows, though, that Apple rules the world of music. iTunes and iPods are something that Microsoft cannot beat Apple at. Remember the Zune? That was Microsofts answer to the iPod. It ******* sucked, and no one used it, so Microsoft stuck to what they were good at and make PCs.
#61 to #57 - Spikeydeath
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(09/15/2012) [-]
was gonna thumb you up until i saw "apples dont get virus' " bull **** jeffrey, bull ****
they get virus' just like every os, because as long as theres an os theres a dick bag trying to steal your info, got that jeffrey good
User avatar #59 to #57 - IAreCaptainObvious
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(09/15/2012) [-]
To be honest i'd say viruses could easily be created for macs but it is such a small percentage of people online using one it would be pointless to target them. Pc is more widely used so a better target.

Not sure if it's the way macs work that makes them virusless but do, enlighten me.