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#1 - callofvikings
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(09/12/2012) [-]
My Father and I get into a lot of arguments.

Ever since my mom died I kinda just wanted to be on my own but he really wanted me to take over the family business.
So one day I go into a meeting with him for work.
He proposes laying off a bunch of workers so that the rest of the workers may flourish.
Well I stand up and oppose this idea and he immediately just shuts me down.
His brother on the other side of the room tries to reason.
Later we get into a kind of a brawl and I get pretty hard.
As i'm lying there with this huge mark on the left side of my face he comes to me and tells me i've disappointed him.
That's when he banished me from the fire nation and forced me to find the Avatar to regain my honor.