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You wanna know why I dislike/don't agree with American patriotism (mainly)?
Because whenever something like 9/11 happens, the American medias say "3000 AMERICANS died" instead of "people", making it seem like Americans are 80123^32 times more important then everyone else.
User avatar #293 to #256 - robotgoose (09/12/2012) [-]
To clarify, this happens in Sweden as well, when there has been an earthquake or such somewhere, it may sound a little like: "100 people lost their lives today in an earthquake in Thailand. According to the ministry for foreign affairs, 5 Swedes are in Thailand right now but they appear to be safe".

What I mean by this is that yeah, it kinda happens in Sweden as well, but not to that extent.
I feel as if terrorist attacks happen in the US, 100 US citizens die and 50 other, the president or another important person mainly says something like "100 Americans lost their lives this day".
Badly explained, but I hope you understood.
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And I guess if I were a person from South America I would feel a little offended if they call their country ''America'', like if the other countries were marginalised...
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Yeah, I know, sorry about that.
I've been kinda brainwashed since most well, Americans (inhabitants of the US) refer to the US as America.
But for some people, I actually think it is just like the way you said, the rest of the Americas doesn't matter so you just called the US ""America".
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The worst part of it is that it was not only Americans that died in that cowardly attack. One of my countrymen had a friend that was killed in the towers. She is a musician here in Japan. In honor of her friend's death, she wrote the song "Dogwood". The musician's name is Hitoto Yo.

This is just one small example of the many non-Americans lost that day.
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That is so true
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Same thing here in Australia.

"Three Australians have died in an earthquake in Japan..."

No mention of the thousands of Japanese people who died or lost their homes...
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The sames happens here at Mexico, well sort of... patriotism is more like nationalism here
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