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#1663 - DukeOfLuke
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(09/12/2012) [-]
look i definitely think that there is plenty of evidence to support the claims that US elite/gov interests had prior knowledge and/or carried out 9-11, and this does not fall under the category of that evidence.

consider the following:
1) in 1945 a b-25 bomber crashed into the empire state building, and it burned for nearly a whole day. obviously its still standing. the twin towers are not. wat.
2) molten iron found in pools at the bottom of the debris days after the collapses. thermite explosives are well known explosives that melt cleanly through metals, and among the byproducts is molten iron, and white puffy smoke, both of which are frequently spotted in the towers prior to collapse. super wat.
3) building 7. everything about building 7 is wat.
4) after simple observation it is obvious that the damage done at both shanksville PA and the pentagon were caused by things much smaller than commercial airliners. large portions of my wat.
5) all the businesses that benefited from the war and societal changes due to 9-11 is so staggering that i must present it with all of my wat.