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#438 - saxophan (09/10/2012) [-]
Instead of posting the billionth stupid "feel" comment, I'm gonna say this. This man is proof that if you're a good person, sometime the good does come back to you. When you don't give in to the urge to retaliate when other people are rude or insensitive, nobody has anything to blame you for in the end. Nobody should need a TV show about ponies to teach you that.
#455 to #438 - PiMaker (09/11/2012) [-]
your the one who brought up ponies. some people need a two century book to tell them how to feel and think, why not a modern medium?
User avatar #458 to #455 - saxophan (09/11/2012) [-]
Also, yeah, whatever actually gets the point across is cool with me.
Also, props for the correction. Thumbs for you.
#460 to #458 - PiMaker (09/11/2012) [-]
yeah i am a g nazi so it's rare that have such a ridiculous spelling mistake..
don't get me wrong im not one of those that barrade those around them with ponies 24/7 but i can relate to many of the stories and characters. plus i am a fan of all the creators works.
User avatar #462 to #460 - saxophan (09/11/2012) [-]
Cool, yeah, I'll maintain a live-and-let-live attitude about that.
#463 to #462 - PiMaker (09/11/2012) [-]
that's the attitude i wish most haters could adopt.
User avatar #457 to #455 - saxophan (09/11/2012) [-]
Shh, I'm pandering to the MLP-hating userbase.
#459 to #457 - PiMaker (09/11/2012) [-]
so you give them agro feels while they're getting deep feels?
User avatar #461 to #459 - saxophan (09/11/2012) [-]
There's no way I'm gonna feel bad about this. It's funnyjunk.
#464 to #461 - PiMaker (09/11/2012) [-]
ikr, like when trolls troll trolls
#456 to #455 - PiMaker (09/11/2012) [-]
User avatar #466 to #456 - heartlesschaos (09/14/2012) [-]
I've heard "Try watching the first episode, you will like it". So I did. But even though it ended in point that made me thing "Well wow, I gotta watch the next episode..." pinky pie's attitude kinda ticked me off and the story was kinda awkward and predictable which took the fun out of it :/ oh and spike is a freaking player xD not sure if hes for kids.

And I thought it was awesome how you went back that far to spot something from that long ago xD (I'm not gonna argue with it though. Mostly because I'm replying to a comment that's 3 days old).
#467 to #466 - PiMaker (09/14/2012) [-]
the first eps are alright, but the second season is when it gets good.
User avatar #468 to #467 - heartlesschaos (09/14/2012) [-]
A whole season? DX I don't know if I can handle that DX I fought to finish the first episode. I'm not dissing it or anything, It might be a good show but just not in my taste XD. I'll give the next few episodes a shot.
#469 to #468 - PiMaker (09/14/2012) [-]
take your time, its not going anywhere. but it definitely gets much better than the first episodes.
User avatar #470 to #469 - heartlesschaos (09/14/2012) [-]
Just finished episode 5. Gonna have to stop there. Trying not to quit before it starts I guess.

FJ: "This IP address has given too many thumbs to Pimaker in the past 24 hours"
me: F YOU he deserves them! >:d"
#471 to #470 - PiMaker (09/14/2012) [-]
these limits are ******** , all because some fag was going through proxies.
User avatar #472 to #471 - heartlesschaos (09/14/2012) [-]
FJ is getting ridiculous lately. how do you put a limit to the comments you can make? I mean I understand maybe under the same content for protection from spam but in general? What is going on? :/
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