Omegle Chat with a 9 year old. TL;DRI I'm sure this will get thumbed down. But this kid was awesome. He gave me faith where it is lacking in the youth of tomorr Im sorry its so
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Omegle Chat with a 9 year old

Omegle Chat with a 9 year old. TL;DRI I'm sure this will get thumbed down. But this kid was awesome. He gave me faith where it is lacking in the youth of tomorr

TL;DRI I'm sure this will get thumbed down. But this kid was ******* awesome. He gave me faith where it is lacking in the youth of tomorrow. I was blown away by how mature he was.

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers'.
chatting with a random stranger en Omeglol
You: LOL
Stranger: Yes.
You: 9 years told?
Stranger: Yes sir.
You: cm god my sides
Stranger: Whats wrang are you sick?
You: his
You: I' never seen anyone under 13 en here
Stranger: Well new you have.
You: What are you en here fer‘?
Stranger: bared. This is my secend time here.
You: Arhh
Stranger: Yes.
You: I was caught eff guard. By this.
Stranger: Why?
You: I honestly thaught you were geing ts say ysu' re
nine and are here ts get bitches..
You: I Issed hard.
Stranger: Well "bitches" are the icing en the sake.
You: Lei
You: But all you run inte are guys Assking fer bitches..
You: Ha. Feels man.
You: Yeu seem very mature fer nine.
Stranger: I read a let. AND I' m net stupid.
You: Can' t say that fer mest of taday' s youth.
Stranger: Yes. It' s really hard ts make friends. They' re
all dumb.
You: Gangsta SWAG YELD?
You: Yeah. Dsn' t get tee rustled. We dsn' t want
anither Columbine.
Stranger: net that annoyed. I have the intenet!
You: Huzzah! What grade are you in tth? tth?
Stranger: tth.
You: Ah. I hated tth grade my teacher was creepy.
Stranger: Yeah my teacher is really weird.
You: What' s his/ her name'?
Stranger: Mr. Drake
You: cm Mine was Mr. Ryan
Stranger: Yeah, my teacher is always Assking at us like
he hates us.
You: Mine seemed homesexual. He had a lisp and was
very creepy. We all thaught that the was a pedabear.
Stranger: I was about ts say the same thing about my
You: I hope he didn' t change names...
Stranger: NOW THAT is a true twist...
You: is Drake a tall lanky white man?
Stranger: Yes, he' s pretty tall and white and weird.
You: cm ged.
Stranger: Dun, Dun, .
You: Drama.
Stranger: Yes, maybe he get in trouble fer being a
pede, and changed his name... He' s probably geing ts
strike again!!!
You: Maybe-.
You: Dses he have a lisp.
Stranger: Yes. That' s sne of the key reasons we stay
away hem him..
You: Dses he have Iing hands?
You: Fingers
Stranger: Yeah he' s weird.
You: ( Watch sut.
Stranger: I will..
You: I fell bad fer ysu.
You: feel
Stranger: I feel bad fer his next victim..
You: Lei that' s what i meant
Stranger: cm Mah Gerd!!!!
You: Let me elaborate.
You: Yeu are smarter and mere literate then mest
peopie I' gene ts with.. And I gs ts
next year.
Stranger: Well that' s what happens when all you have
ts years is gs ts the library.
You: Why was that?
Stranger: I lived in an area that had a weak power
system.. It was hopeless ts anything fun that
required electrisity instead I wouid gs ts the library
and read a variety of randam stuff
You: Maybe it was a ggsd thing...
Stranger: Yup. Definetly dsn' t wish anything different.
You: De you get bullied any?
Stranger: Absolutely net. My is full of doushes
but they are doushes that make desisions they wsn' t
You: Wow. That' s fortunate..
Stranger: Yes. Plus I' m only nine I' m a little ts young
fer bullying.
You: Wasn' t fer me.
Stranger: Tee
Stranger: Yeu get bullied?
You: Yep until about eighth grade.
Stranger: That is very .. Hsw did you deal
with it?
You: Case by ease. I was a famas and still pretty much
am. In elementry I kicked samesies ass in
grade I san' t really remember whish. In middle
peopie wouid make remarks tth grade. In eighth we
were aniseed ts lift weights. I was already playing
at the time. In gym I lifted 140 which was amt
back then. mess ts half my weight which was a let fer a
13 year sid. It intimated a let of peopie that I had the
benching ressed forthe entire wheel.
You: Se yeah-. Peopie though I ssaid kick anyine' s
ass at the time.
Stranger: Well.. Everything is new though right?
You: cm yeah.
Stranger: Well that' s Issi. I' m net a very strong
individual I hope sne will figure that sut and take
advantage of me later.
Stranger: cm goodness, it' s getting late.
You: Just and lift anyways. Get jacked.
You: Have the brain of Gates and the body of
Stranger: I ssaid only imagine... WELL, I hate ts gs but
it' s getting late and my mom is shouting. It was pretty
Issi talking ts sameone whs wasn' t interested in ASL.
You: Same ts ysu. Ysu' re aweosme keep on!
Stranger: Alright friend, see you later.
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