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loki was the mother of a six legged horse?

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Norse Mythology has some funny stories. Thor dressing as a woman to get his hammer back from an Ice Giant, The Goddess Freya sleeping with 4 dwarves for a necklace. Oh and Loki screwing a horse.
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Story time!
I can't remember how or why, but the walls of Asgard were destroyed, and needed repair. The gods couldn't find anyone that could do it. A giant, one of their enemies, showed up with a horse, and said that he could do it within a certain time limit, I don't remember the limit. He had a condition, though. If he did do it within the limit he got to marry either one of the goddess, or all of them, I can't remember. The gods agreed. After working day after day with his horse, he was almost done. The gods tried repeatedly to keep him from finishing because they had no intentions of marrying of one, or all, of the goddess to one of their enemies. Finally Loki came along with a plan. He was to turn into a female horse and distract the giant's horse. He tuned into a horse, led the giant's horse in to the forest, the giant didn't complete his work in time. Anyway, when Loki got back, guess what, he was pregnant. When he gave birth, the horse had six legs, and was faster and stronger than any other horse out there. The horse was given to Odin as a gift.
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Loki didn´t volunteer. He was forced to do it by Odin. Because it was essentially Odin´s fault, and that Loki had earlier been responsible for a great amount of mischiefs.
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The horse had 8 legs, not 6
for future reference.
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Thanks for the picture. I had forgotten that it had 8 not 6.
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Anybody else that knows more about the mythology, please tell me if I'm wrong, or missed a some details.
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Thank you.
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Actually, the horse had 8 legs and it's name is (in Norwegian) "Sleipner". I Think it was that the giant would get to marry the most beautiful female goddess. And as a comment to the post. Loki was never Thors brother, he wasn't even related to any of them. However, he and Odin both shared their blood once, making them "bloodbrothers".
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