Anon goes to an animal testing lab. Check tags.. 33 Cl Anonymous (ID: wnc) ) (/ 12( Wed) 16: 32: 08 No. 423435561 Holy shit ml, you won' t believe what happened OP is a Faggit
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Anon goes to an animal testing lab

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33 Cl Anonymous (ID: wnc) ) (/ 12( Wed) 16: 32: 08 No. 423435561
Holy shit ml, you won' t believe what happened to me today
week off from werk
isall friend i haven' t seen in ages
she lives in minnesota hew
seaside fusk it. going to minnesota
sti: get to his house
sthat night we gs to another old friends apartment
shavers seen this guy since middle school
stache out he werks at seme lab fer a cosmetics sempach
shaye they do animal testing
Loafers to shew me around
swathe me its pretty brutal. gore filled etc.
seesh tons sf gore sh /b/. he problem
stake him up sh his offer
mam day
sge to his house
strive to lab
awalk in. they give me a little laminated visiters tag
swe gs to his firestation
smile in cages everywhere
sehe has spelt woulds
saw him about it
s" eh yeah daft werry about that"
swatch him werk fer a bit. talk shit
slaush time
swe gs to a table in the cafeteria
metart eating
Anonymous (ID: . N) (( leled) 16: 33: 33 No. 423435802 til Replies: :
seeme old guy eames and sits with us
stalks to my friend a bit
seemes pretty eell
stelle my friend he' s had a breakthrough en "that project"
Eek him what project he' s talking about
sease he deosnt want to talk about it
skeep pressing fer anwsers
she gets a bit upset with me and leaves
Minish lunch
sge back to friends workstation
Eek what that old guy was talking about
s" it' e easier ifi just shewed yes but its really upsetting. we sure we can handle it anon?"
Anonymous (ID: . N) (( leled) No. 423435896 til Replies: ::
sef sourse i can
she leads me down two flights sf stairs
sge through a metal deer into an almost perfectly clean reem
pretended me sf an operating reem
sleek around
seea a walrus in a cage
fucking walrus
sin a cage
seeme kind sf electrodes en its fucking head
otheres a chair next to the cage, its the only piece in the reem apart frem a vegtables
otheres ales a huge mirror en the wall
ffriend tells me to take a seat, he' ll be back seen
seit down
ffucking walrus eyeballing me hard, makes shrivel up a bit
ffriend gets back, the old guy is with him
Eek him what the fuck he has a walrus fer
s" Iet me shew you"
Anonymous (ID: . N) (( leled) No. 423436227 til Replies: :? ::
File: , 500x334, lolrus, jpg)
ffriend bends down to give the walrus a fish
as watching him i feel something cold and wet en the back sf my neck
seeit bricks
starn around as fast as i can
ffeel a wire seemingly coming frem the base sf my head
seld guy quickly flips a switch en the wall
spass out
swage up later, dent know where i am
seben my eyes
sim in a fucking sage
strate grabage sage deer
smy hands are flippers
see my ewn body lying in the chair, still unconsious. maybe dead
sleek in the huge mirror
seea my reflection
seem to have swapped badies with the marine mammal
am the walrus
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Anonymous to ) (( leled) No. 423437880 til
File: HE}, 294x312, 1346026387387, jpg)
HIE "In"? Better than and Dinosaur
Anonymous (ID: ) (( leled) 16: 48: 36 No. 423438379 til
didnt see it coming at all
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