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User avatar #37 - pauix (09/07/2012) [-]
A better way to rob a bank is becoming the CEO. You'll steal loads of money every month under the pretext of "earning your salary".
#38 to #37 - aldheim (09/07/2012) [-]
You realize that banks are a legitimate business and a staple of the modern economy, right?
And you have complete control over whether or not you use one.
User avatar #46 to #38 - rasputinsbeard (09/07/2012) [-]
I think it's illegal to not put your money on a bank.
#45 to #38 - gmarrox (09/07/2012) [-]
Dude's got a point. Inb4 anti-establishment **** storm.
#43 to #38 - baconducky (09/07/2012) [-]
your funny

now shut up
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