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I just got out of the friendzone as well. I was staying with her family at their house in Idaho, and one night her mom got mad at me for talking calmly to her about her daughter's latest boyfriend and how she was encouraging them to be sexually active by giving them condoms and Birth control pills to her 16 year old daughter. She flailed at me (unsuccessfully) and then insulted my respect for women (I have been her daughter's best friend and closest confidant for the past five years and was pretty much the only person doing anything to keep her out of trouble) so I told her that I've given her and her daughter more respect than they have ever deserved from me. Her daughter comes in and punches me in the face, then they kicked me out of the house so I had to go sit by the side of the road for two hours (it was after midnight, on a country road in mountain country full of coyotes and bear) and I actually slept out there. And I bet I slept better than they did. NO MORE FRIENDZONE!!!!! :D
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All of these made laugh. Thumbs for you.
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