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#604 - vegetatheprince
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(09/05/2012) [-]
I saw this post earlier today, was like 'meh', but it stuck in my head. I was feeling like **** for a while, but then I thought 'at least I ain't that guy', and suddenly, everything seemed alright.

Thanks for brightening my day, random beta anon.
User avatar #610 to #604 - vegetatheprince
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(09/05/2012) [-]
may as well put my stats down since I commented.
-18 years old
- dorming at nice college with nice program, being totally covered by parents because they're the best.
- not broke, but no job atm (rather get settled in first semester)
- no car, getting one in a few months tho
- kissless virgin, but I've been on a few first dates
- pretty bad social anxiety
-severe insecurity, to the point where I sometimes question the value of my existence
- no fleshlights, that ****** nasty
-average weight, averagely in shape.

I guess I'm a middle of the pack guy, which is alright for me.