The old lickaroo. . d, times you yourself Anonymous ( Thu) oi: mu I just did one of the most embarrassing, ball blooming things of my life. Seriously I cannot s lickaroo
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The old lickaroo

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d, times you yourself Anonymous ( Thu)
oi: mu I just did one of the most embarrassing, ball blooming things of my life. Seriously I cannot sleep because of the shame. This occurred nine hours ago.
ITT: TIM ES YOU is are emote bunny who I bumped into last week, I used to hang around with her brother ages ago, we were in a queue together.
COC K B Loc K E D is the get talking about fotress as I recall she was quite sporty, I mention my gym is rubbish and she says I should check hers out, guest pass and shiz
is I Jump at chance, both for gym and possible bone.
YOU RS E l. F is We go, I do chestiest' s she goes treadmill than than a few reps on the crunch machine for some reason.
is She asks what am I doing after this, I say might watch a movie, I' got a pirated copy of Avengers We been meaning to watch.,
is She says she has wanted to see that, I maintain my spaghetti and ask her to come, she accepts, met.
C) Anonymous s No.
is Go to mine, I crack open my cheapest wine, we are watching the movie and talking a bit.
is She is apparently a bit of a lightweight and wine goes straight to her head, we get talking about sex.
is Oh god just typing this hurts.
is She mentions her ex never went down on her. I say something along the lines of "what an idiot“.
is She goes in for kiss, we kiss for about 5 seconds.
is She pulls away, then I for reasons unknown need to fill a nonresistant void...
is “you know, I could give you the old lickaroo'
is the old lickaroo
is I said it and cheeky but there was no way that didn' t sound weird, fuck I may have sort of winked a bit, oh god.
is She looks at no We I am a shoe miner and pulls away and said "err yeah just gonna go toilet’
is This commas roughly around when Hulk is smashing up the plane
is She returns and I put my hand on her knee In an attempt to salvage.
is We make awkward smal talk for what feels like an stem he man this is a long film
is when Hulk punches Thor I remove my hand from her.
is Eons pass and the film finally ends. I walk her to my door and go for A hug, she attentively pats me on the shoulder.
3- I am too ashamed to even masturbate, and just lie in bed alone.
a the old lickaroo.
Share with me your shame mth my misery needs company.
l I Anonymous 03/ 30/ 12( Thu) 07: 08 %
vgtt a girl back to my place
vgtt to talking about sex
attell I could giver her the old , and
winked at her
rehear her vagina shut down with the
windows 98 closing sound
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the old lickaroo
the old lickaroo
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