top 5 pokemon posts. . we; bl Mains we; Wham an Four mind? Paladin . 2 weeks we we week I' m game to hatch today) l can feel m we Comma!!! Share newbie Pokemon  Pokemon
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top 5 pokemon posts

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we; bl Mains we;
Wham an Four mind?
Paladin .
2 weeks we we
week I' m game to hatch today) l can feel m
we Comma!!! Share
newbie Pokemon rm tae
2 wan we we
penny: I bet m be something coal we a a
Legendary Pokemom
Muzak we we
we genoeg jimis cramped ICI here,
5 days age we
we sick of being in egg
o em age we
Imagen: Plans: God, m hank mm a Magikarp, justgot me out
ohms meme egg!
zany; age we
newgen Welt somethig' s
m moulds we we
Zuzana; age we
Dunn .
2 mining} we It
Hey guys. what', new
we Comment Shire
we Not tummy IO the geese
s we
new Greet Well we mm
s nameles we we
Red on second thought, . we gown go see Nuns:
answer the we
aim: Yeah, we ! Nursejoy ' super we
we A 3 people
chariot. we we mrloki we new
Secret Owen Three we
new Are ‘(Bluest towing everyting new
m p we
Red Why would we, we' requst
new Why would we, we' re Just training.”
5 minus we we
Ind Seriously mam.
o nameles we we
aim: Serusly man...
mamu we we
rm we are or we Red, watch we we gay
Dina... you' re gay P
moments age we
wee e cumment..
Which came first.
we Comment Share
Prat tark we sun w Kangaskhan e a Pokemon or a Russain
moments age we
they we so meg to New we
w Ya dew; I herd you Mk: Pokemon,
Check out my Rattan‘ He' s one of the BEST Rattata EVERI
Comment Shin
name Redd Ilold you not w krak him m the eres'
5 murmur: we we
only he (anally
5 we we
My Raina flosses may div‘
d moments age we
My can In a cherry stem m he meme mum
pa My Raina was meme or his huh school water
momentous we
Red Wow, your ") Anny: Pokemon has mum the
collectiong skills
waxes we we
we we
w me‘; have as Folk, talkig about tongue and mu
we shorts! The/ re comn and my an way:
wee e Comment,
Brock mane a link. .
2 mining: we lg
Lol, so funny. Nursejoy, prepare to be adventured upon P
Chaos: Vain Own
Tdt Adventure El» 2
fir new youngsters, we Pokemon,
elr%' ' l and defeat We to mm mm my
Gym Indy: Then wild: we Mme’;
1337 commeny Share
new ml ewe van cu: chance. are mummy
out meovaw. van an come meg. can van Wm: dawn my
may we
new I we hive a pen, but I an remember e...
may we
Duck warns to ‘earn NURSEJOY’ S new
can only ‘earn a mans...
may we
What move mould new Forget?
sum - as
with ' RHEA MICE
Today we
pane. -he 1 lb 2. may Irock fungal was A um: and
Hutu NURSEJOY‘ S Numner
Today we
Tau better rm screw this may Ne burn kroker tween
to this we; my far a Van; wee
Today we
Brock rean new _
may we
wee a womenn..
pwn om
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User avatar #1 - swampert (08/31/2012) [+] (7 replies)
Amusingly if you use hacks and capture Joey's Ratatta It has nearly perfect iv's. It actually is a top percentage ratatta
#29 - PenutButterJellyOh (09/01/2012) [+] (1 reply)
No one even realizes that in his likes there is 9gag.
No one even realizes that in his likes there is 9gag.
#40 - synapse (09/01/2012) [+] (3 replies)
#31 - omegasoul ONLINE (09/01/2012) [-]
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#35 - firesky (09/01/2012) [-]
Joey's Rattata has actually perfect IV's
#53 - paesani (09/01/2012) [-]
Make part 2.
#14 - drlugnut (09/01/2012) [-]
Mmm, moar
Mmm, moar
#17 - mrgoodbunny (09/01/2012) [+] (4 replies)
Oh **** ****** , hidden messages.
#39 - SeanVengeance (09/01/2012) [-]
********		 pokemon!
******** pokemon!
#33 - kevlarx (09/01/2012) [+] (1 reply)
actually its thought that kangaskhans pouch baby is cubone. you see, when cubones mother dies, he wears her skull. said skull looks much like kangaskhans head, and cubone and baby khan look almost exactly alike. its thought that this missingno is the link between the two, and that marrowak is actually supposed to evolve into khan, but was taken out for reasons unknown(most likely an issue with the code or not enough time before release). this is also speculated as to why missingno shows up as 0 or M, as it was put into the game on purpose, just no longer serves a purpose.

not sure if its true, but still interesting to think about.
tl;dr: cubone is baby khan. you should read the rest, but i guess thats enough info if youre that lazy
#66 - warlockrichard (09/01/2012) [+] (1 reply)
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#68 - netoss (09/01/2012) [-]
another weird pokemon
#62 - shlycke (09/01/2012) [-]
i'll just leave this here
User avatar #50 - gianttroll (09/01/2012) [-]
watdafaq i just tried to press the like button on "I like shorts. The're comfy and easy to wear."
#80 - gongthehawkeye (09/01/2012) [-]
Hyped as 			****		 for BW2
Hyped as **** for BW2
#34 - infired ONLINE (09/01/2012) [-]
I like it.
#8 - pineapplepeople (09/01/2012) [-]
Use a TM, Brock! A TM!
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