facebook fail/win. sorry for white space. it is delicious! also lets be nice to eachother in this hard times. lets call it the cold banwar 3.. i love you guys.
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facebook fail/win

sorry for white space. it is delicious! also lets be nice to eachother in this hard times. lets call it the cold banwar 3.. i love you guys. you helped me when my uncle died of brain stroke last year. i'm trying to give you as much joy and comfort as you gave me.

ii) steril. ! whitie' tutsis
Hots a comment...
Just saw the trailer For season 5 of Jersey Shore i swear that show never fails to get
me excited
Like 'Comment '6 minutes ago it
5 that show is so ******* stupid. sorry but it' s true,
h _ - 5 minutes ago . Like
we all have are own opinion
4 minutes ago . Like
The Body odd - Watching Hersey Shore’
might make you dumber, mm 5: 199: 55
bodyodd. msnbc. msn. com
Take note, fans of mindless reality shows like
Jersey Shore': New research suggests
watching something dumb might make you
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I am so sick of this war on Christmas, Look, this is America, I' m sorry to break it to you
pray a prayer to BUR LORD every 2 minutes in dass and you don' t let him you are
making a war on and hate tradition value. It is American and we put up
CHR_ tree all over because it says to in The Bible which is the only law that
matters. I' m sick of haveing to lake it all down because Jews want a modes or other
want frogs and sheep put up. You all ruin America,
Repost this if you know that CHR_ is all about Jesus.
Unlike , Comment , 8 hours ago - It
sh You and 2 others like this,
Van You sir, are drunk. But it' s funny,
about an hour ago . Like
Write a comment,,,
Jamie} added a new photo.
A man who makes
jokes about women
in the kitchen.
Ill use . Comment 15 r-" --min: -5 no new Vil: it H Iis its
El, . Eh rand I others
like this.
glam - stupid ) - Women who
think single is ' noun.
ll minutes Milo' Unlike oh '
y !h. . -its went from being "single" to "in a relationship."
Like - Comment . 8 hours ago
sh 2 people like this.
Emmi hurls! I hope whoever you' re in a relationship knows
you' re a whore and sucked up someone else a few days ago...
Poor guy.
3 hours ago via mobile . Like
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Dear (Itsall players in my math dass,
Just because I' m a single boy who enjoys musical theatre doesn' t mean I' m gay.
Sincerely, you' re naked in a locker room wills 50 men while I' m backstage wills 15
Haha, Boom,
Unlike Comment . 57 minutes ago I It
You, Kelsey Ashley ".radar: ' hnd so others like this,
Jessica I I
Ugh, I hate it when people say " **** the police".
Don' tjust **** the police.
Take the police out on a couple dates. Take the police to the movies or a nice
stroll in the park. Feed the police some delicious food. Make the police fall in
love with you. Then, **** the police. And then out of nowhere, stop taking
calls from the police., Ignore the police., Make the police miss you. Make the
police cry.
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sh g people like this.
If you took every twilight fan and laid them end to end around the equator, a lot
of them would drown or get run over or eaten by lions. really a good idea,
if your a hindu or a Jewish or a black or chinaman or gay, but in America, we celebrate
CHR_ , as in Jesus kind of kings. That means if my kid wants to get up and
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