Futurama Feels. I was browsing 4chan and saw this thread. Got quite a few feels out of it.. a F/ e 1337000955714 poem KB , tumblr_ _ ) Anonymous no ) ) 15: 22 4 Super feels time
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Futurama Feels

Futurama Feels. I was browsing 4chan and saw this thread. Got quite a few feels out of it.. a F/ e 1337000955714 poem KB , tumblr_ _ ) Anonymous no ) ) 15: 22 4

I was browsing 4chan and saw this thread. Got quite a few feels out of it.

a F/ e 1337000955714 poem KB , tumblr_ _ )
Anonymous no ) ) 15: 22 45 No 401509924 E El]
So n had a dream last Ham about Futurama, and l got really stuck In my head all day The mere n thought about LL.
the more the mes developed and new Ne deemed to ante l all out and share l wth yen So here l owe Leen
spends , as dreamed by me
we scene opens wth Fry, Leena. and the Planet Express shp amass a barren, Loy wasteland Leena
Ls at the helm, wth Fry song to ner nght, and Bender song behnd the two ofthem
Bender Ls speaking "Yeah no do l no grab a fstory book and make wens by beting wth chumps llke
you He laughs
But what about all Mus?“ asks Leena 'You' djust leave us?"
no be Inch. n wouldnt need Mends, Mons Bender
l could neverbe l ore's Fry Ne beenhoule past wees noting specal about l icouldn' tjust forget all about you, Bender Wynn. Leena
Fry places ms hand ever Leela' s, whch Ls en the armrest between them and turns to look at Leena Leena turns ner head and meets MS gaze, and they both
All one sudden, Bender to point forward and shout ""
Leena snaps ner head , just In Urns to see a huge ohm warthog towards the smp The passengers yell at the top ortho lungs, as Leena
to direct the shp out ofthe way, but she' s too late wees a thunderous SMASH as metal and WE come, and Fry Ls hurled through the glass
window We follow Fry' s as he tumbles through was oranos and Lee, and wees a monstrous rear as an Manama thunder: around mm
B Anonymous (ID ) "/ 12( 23 14 No 401510029 E E II E
Fially, the snow settles, and Fry comes around He' s (anon min a large cavern, Eliminated only by lunight smang through the thak walls once
Fry sts up, hoking ho head and gammy ho beaners He mutton: ‘Whoa due
He nooks around and sees Bender Ming on the ground afew , clearly ejected smp as well The skis Minna head Ls dented, but he
appears to be coming around as well He SHE up, knocks the dent out orms head, and says ‘Wham you saw"
Dena w libel Mite thm has happened [mime FF
Bender laughs "Fry, we' crashed that smp fourteen hundred and epitomes (fcourse thm has happened [mime FF
Fry Ls cut ones Leah' s vanes Ls heard shooing ram around acumen "Hm Bender? T' she shouts, echovg through the cavern Bender helps
Frito ho feet, and they Lennon service weaned the bend, wall arce Ln ront ofthem
Tho sheet must have othe avalanch, and now L' s way tutorials cavern Here, try to move l rm me FF
we three push, pull, claw, and bang on the we wth all them mght, but l Lexemes to budge Leena dnes to call fun help, but she contnet a senal on her
communicator Alter many more fume attempts to escape the cavern, the comrades nook at each other and realie that, unless they are found. they w/ l
othe we
Passage Mums)
D Anonymous no ) M/ 23/ 12( 23 48 No 401510119 E El]!
t Ls nght now, and they are all huddled together, song agaist a wall chine cavern They are only by the glow of Leela' s Inst deuce and the
on staright through the we All three are saveing and aganst are blank, understanding ehwhat hes ahead
Fry Ls the histuty speak "It' s so cond," he simian:
Bender moans ‘We' all gonna No one rm hnd us and we' ll Ln here, Hie food Ln e
Leena shoots a look at Bender "n thought yee cant the. Bender TC
Bender nooks "ccant. techically But Ln cold MKS tho "he sledders
to nook at ms Mend "In w enter mode My processor Mn copy Is contents to my backup
dave and shut The only thog let on run be my core cocoons, but n wont be aware thewhat' s gang on
Fry speaks "But LL someone mos yee. they can turn you back on?'
Bender nooks gnm "Mien long enough exposure Lowe cold, my backup dave w/ l has and corrode away Even Nasoleone dd turn me back on, Laem
be no 'me' let, Justan empty robot FF
Fry and Leena nook at eachother, Bender hangs ho head, and Fry and Leena do the same
D Anonymous (no ) M/ ( Wed) 15 24 37 No 401510247 E E II B
Alter a long bout on snows, Bender speaks "I don' t want to go llke that n can deal wth robot heaven or room hell, but n don' t want to go on mg MKS
that wars not mg (F Fry sledders Bender gees on ‘We' not to be rescued, are wea You two are gangta has to death and m to
become a bnyk FF
Fry starts, "Bender (F
No," Interrupts Bender, "don' t lolthat happen Edens you both heels, one ofyou needs to ht my k/ l satch
What?" Leena Interjects
on my see. underlie mam access panel Ls a en swim t physcally sevens the connetion to my processor It' s deigned so n cant mach I, but one of
you can _
Leena cues. "No Bender, we couldn't' She' s appalled, and looks at Fry, whose Lace Lemmons chll ‘We cant dothat, nght Fry?"
Fry doesnt respond to hun and appeals, Please Fry, don' t leave me here all alone
wees along moment Fry and Le la are snuping more now, and are begging to become drowsy cold Fry nooks at
Bender, (wane Leela, then agaen to Bender ll do LL." he says at long last "Benders my best mend, and l would be splash ahnn to leave
Just to mom someting n don' t want to do"
Leena bogus to say someting, but stops herself She can men the cold smthng Ln on them Benders wistful Ls on MS Lace, and he slowly opens
the panel, satch minds "Please, he says, "dont make l murderthon Ls has to he"
D Anonymous no ) MCA/ 12( 25 38 No 401510409 E El]!
Fry Ls hguone backseats as he places ms hand on the satch Tm sorry, M so so sorry You' my bestrewn we never known anyone MKS yee (C
sure yee have FF mums Bender, l' most awesome (F He laughs, then nods at Fry
Fry slowly solemnly nods back, then mps the swatch "Gamma my Mend
Bender begun: to papertown, NS processor using wine last o? L' s stored energy He sputters out Mew more words "Goodbye my Mend Goodbye,
Fry Ls taken aback, as Benderfags Manes: He nooks at Leela, then backtrace cold shell (fins Mend 'Why do" he beigns, then stops A look comes
across ms Lace, as LL rememberin adreas, or a memory Worn long ago He lets tho Leaning In, and ms com eyes are stelth realbacon
He turns to Leela, who has Remained quotas she succumbs Lowe cold She looks up at nun as he sonny says, "you (F
She snubs "It' s Lune, so, so cold "She takes ms hand
Fry nooks at her, examinees herione othe dun Iphone, as herobrine W Lune Alter a . he speaks "Tins ths ont-'
Leena healther hand and puts Ups She nods "It' s urns for us Logo"
Fry takes bath ner hands Ln ms Ho Tm so sorry (F
twasnt . you need to furgive yourself People , nuns! happens
No, n mend have lrl had been able to-'
D Anonymous no ) M/ 23/ 12( 26: 10 No 401510521 E El]!
Tm gone. and so Ls he wees noting yee can do and noting you could nave done (F
But n need yoe_" cookes Fry, her hand 'A we wthout you om a Men"
Butyou' re not mg wthout me Wave had , and then some," she replys "Vows had these we moments um me, butyou cant keep
pretending (C
They to gaze at one another as them wands hang to Len
An passes moneies m Mme clense, Leena woopers. "n love you, PM
Steamrolls down ho Lace, fans Lowe ground. and News istantly "I love yee too, Lana"
They are SUN
Fade to Lumen
D Anonymous no ) ( Wed) 15 26 46 No 401510617 E E II E
onscreen ", 1999"
Fry Ls ndog In athe passenger seat Macon Ln the the back Ls a short, batwill bu/ tyoing man and
Clarette Drang Ls a young woman wth a Ight brown ponytas and a Winnie we three (Hands are laughng, engaged Ln
we boy Ln back Ls speaking wean, no do l no trade anyting ion a ,alng car and a room to do stuff for me (F He laughs
Butwhai shaman ' asks the gm "You' d Just leave es?
no be othe mere. n wouldnt need mends,' restarts the hey no have a what?"
n could l FF onus Fry "Flashing myself? n Especally you, Lana FF
Fry places ms hand (worms gml
whch Ls on the armrest between them, and turns to nook at ner She turns ner head and meets ho gaze and they both
All on sudden, the boy In back Interrupts to and shout" '
She snaps ner head back torward, mung med wrong lane, and sees a huge truck the car we passengers yell atthe top on
than lungs, as she to get back ner lane, but she' s too late wees a SMASH as metal connotes mm metal, and Fry Ls
hurled through the glass We Lenore Frye as he tumbles across tar and m and there' s a monstrous 703725 the truck crumples and
fans my behid han
D Anonymous no ) MCA/ 12( Wed) 15 27 33 No 401510764 E El]!
many, the dust settles, and Fry comes around He' s badly scraped up, but he manages to st up and nook around He sees the boy Ming on the ground a
new feet away, clearly ejected car as well He' s smashed no head pavement
Fry crawls over, shooing "Benn Benn" Once he arms at no mend. he shakes han and hts to get a reacton, but mes no response Fry
shouts some more, radically tryong to Levine the boy
Suddenly no head clears and he remembers Lana He carfully pulls no Met and nooks around, but she cant been seen we truck, mass‘/ e and
toppled over. blocks no new (Lemme Lime accient He Lens around It, to get to the gm he loves, and screams as he decoders ner
crushed underline mass Mme two vessles
Passage dremel
D Anonymous no ) "/23/ ) 15 20 06 No 401510063 E El]!
It' s Decemberists now, and Fry, swung Ln the back Loom Dims [ shop, puts away no cell phone owe support
He takes tutor's pockets pcture and no two and turns see the words he' s wetten onthe back
Scrawled across the top Ls "7799 rest Ln peace L"
Slowly, he fucks a pen up owe amends the note, swung FF L B" tothe end
sun holdout's photo, he walks Lowe back Mme , and walks minds eyes are shadows as he closes the deer
and sts down Inthe corner He WIRES somethig else onthe back Mme photo, then drops the pen
seconds. moneies, then hours pass as he sts Ln soltade As he succumbs Lowe cold, ms wands bago to Len wen they close
Belend no Isis, ms eyes begun to dart back and form, as Around nun. ghostly and dreamlike, the Loom transforms to a cryogenics laboratory
Outide the ethereal widow, Lune appears to be very quckly we Loom transforms agaen, and agaen, thousands shaung and Lading as no
eyes SUN move radically quarters Loam fades mm a cavern Ghee, and the ghostler Moves ohm) st next to
Slowly, no eyes come ma rest, and the surreal mugs: reappear, Inthe may head nods and no hand drops, photo
Lace down onto the now
7799 rest Ln peace Li Bi P (F
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User avatar #1 - buckoman
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(08/28/2012) [-]
So... wait... the whole "going into the future" from the cryogenics lab wasn't real? None of the episodes existed? Were they all just a surreal "life flashing before his eyes"?

Or did I misunderstand something?
User avatar #4 to #1 - kickinchickin [OP]
Reply +25 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
No, that is correct. All the episodes were his imagination. Adventures that never happened, with friends he couldn't be with.
User avatar #15 to #4 - twansitionfma
Reply +13 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
dear lord, my skin is crawling like crazy
#12 - greenlanternman
Reply +22 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
brb gotta finish crying
#6 - theuberzer
Reply +18 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
Holy... That was amazing but I cried
#5 - bobindun
-13 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
#8 to #5 - selfdenyingbeggar
Reply +14 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
I feel bad fo you. This is actually pretty good.
User avatar #10 to #8 - buckoman
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
I think he's being sort of sarcastic, but in case he didn't read, he's missing out on a ton of amazing screenwriting.
User avatar #3 - dxpugs
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
#13 - klldarkness
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
Damn. Not enough to make me sob, but enough to make me drop some tears...

So. Many. Feels. :'(
#16 - legendsrevenge
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #9 - kanatana
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
You bastard! I trusted you for funny, but no! You made me cry manly tears of feel! I hope you die slowly and painfully for making me feel!
#47 - almightydough
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(08/29/2012) [-]
Seymour should be in the freezer with him
Seymour should be in the freezer with him
#7 - selfdenyingbeggar
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(08/28/2012) [-]
dream feels tear your heart like a black cock tears an asian anus