Funny Comments are Funny. Found on - Enough bass jokes. Just drop it. 1 week ago "rch same with the abortion jokes. just cu
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Funny Comments are Funny

Tags: youtube
Enough bass jokes. Just drop it.
1 week ago "rch
same with the abortion jokes. just cut it out-
in reply to 1 week ago curseth
I was gonna say a gay joke, butt **** it.
bematli in reply to week ago 111 ch
we need to stop the 911 jokes there just plane not funny
in reply to week ago BEE}
I do not understand all the , I do Nazi what is so funny! Anne
Frankly it' s getting quite sickening.
battalion in reply to week ago auth
Wheel chaircolts aren' t funny, ijust cant stand it.
in reply to battalion 1 week ago duurde
Stop with the woman jokes guys. PERIOD.
in reply to week ago sciuto
Down syndrome jokes aren' t funny-. you ******* retard
scenic skateboards in reply to 1 week ago curseth
mexican jokes are not funny, noxian understands them I
Gustavo Hernandez in reply to scenic skateboards 1 week ago
and blind jokes, I dont see the point!
in reply to Gustavo Hernandez 1 week ago ] -
and I hate religion jokes, i dont get them, ?
in reply to week ago auth
And I hate it when my friends tell jokes about their dicks, but fortunatly theyre
always short.
in reply to E days ago TI ch
I hate Injokes they are just a turn off.
Liegen in reply to 5 days ago
I was gonna tell a blackjoke but someone stole it.
in reply to Liegen 4 days ago
has anyone made a vegetable joke? if they had lettuce know.
in reply to 3 days ago sad
I can' t find a fruit joke either, ijust don' t seed any.
Ran in reply to 3 days ago 51 ch
I was going to make a fire joke, but they are soor burntoast.
Min in reply to Ran 2 days ago Eli
I was gonna tell ajoke about my dick but it' s too long.
deleter in reply to 1 day ago
Cum on guys, gay jokes aren' t funny
in reply to deleteed day ago
stop with the dickholes, there realy pissing me off
in reply to Th 5 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos mth
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Submitted: 08/28/2012
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#1 - colehaffner (08/28/2012) [-]
i love how its done by more than just two people like most threads such as this, thumb for you
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