Instagram user's logic. .
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Instagram user's logic

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Submitted: 08/22/2012
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#1 - rafekee (08/22/2012) [+] (1 reply)
#4 - prut (08/23/2012) [-]
"My name is Jeff, i will be your butthole-doctor today."
#9 - Digitalphear (08/23/2012) [-]
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How much does a hipster weigh?

An instagram.
#5 - bitchplzzz (08/23/2012) [-]
Dear Mr prut
This might be a better reaction image
User avatar #18 - jellyman (08/23/2012) [-]
I don't get why people get so butthurt about instagram or instagram users taking pictures of food. that's not the only thing people take pictures of. i know users that take pictures of historical views, NASA images, vacation pictures, etc. and they all look beautiful.

but then again, this is funnyjunk. no one gives a rat's ass. they'll just thumb me down because **** my opinions
#15 - Deception ONLINE (08/23/2012) [-]
**Deception rolled a random image posted in comment #13 at Cool Places Comp 1 ** mfw instagram
**Deception rolled a random image posted in comment #13 at Cool Places Comp 1 ** mfw instagram
User avatar #7 - thatonedubstepdude (08/23/2012) [-]
And this is why I don't use Instagram I don't need everyone going like WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY ************ !? I actually see a group of people at my school that would take tons of pictures of their lunches and I really don't see the big point of why Instagram is so popular...
#2 - anonymous (08/23/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Nostalgia Critic is that you?
User avatar #17 - rubenvatle (08/23/2012) [-]
speakin of experience, the "EARLYBIRD" filter is the best one on sandwiches, depends on having a can of redbull or a glass of fanta next to it! #TheMoreYouKnow
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