Please donate. Not trying to start , just thought it was funny. Not OC. There are 35 million Americans who den' t know where their next meal will creme from. In
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Please donate

Not trying to start ********* , just thought it was funny. Not OC

There are 35 million Americans
who den' t know where their next
meal will creme from.
In the current acedemic climate, we' re all feeling the
pinch. And even thaugh times are tight fer many us,
it' s never been a mere important time tn give. Fer
ma " Americans, jab leases, he me foreclosure and
ether recent crises have been truly life altering.
One in eight Americans is struggling with hunger. Our
gem is tn fill their trawl: with feed, and their hearts and
minds with mice.
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Submitted: 08/22/2012
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User avatar #10 - I Am Monkey (08/23/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Yea, he doesn't know where his next meal will come from; KFC, Burger King, Wendy's McDonalds? It's a real dilemma.
#2 - sigmatempus (08/22/2012) [-]
Gross. A giant fat ginger as poster child.

Just. Ew.
#13 - alleksi ONLINE (08/23/2012) [+] (1 reply)

User avatar #15 to #13 - eonsmashface (08/23/2012) [-]
Due to starvation, his body is slowly consuming itself.
User avatar #3 - scottza (08/22/2012) [+] (2 replies)
only in america can you find amazing athletes and the fattest people in the world
#4 to #3 - wheresthefudge (08/22/2012) [-]
Actually that'd be everywhere. Most cities have populations in the millions, so even within a city you'll find a wide distribution of people. Some will be fit and athletic, others not so much. It's the magic of statistics.
#26 - jaerbuen (08/23/2012) [-]
Please tell me more about your suffering.
#6 - gnillorttsuj (08/22/2012) [-]
hfw he finds himself on a poster
#5 - Womens Study Major (08/22/2012) [-]
Kill it with diet!
#1 - Womens Study Major (08/22/2012) [-]
How much food does that kid want?
#28 - Womens Study Major (08/23/2012) [-]
Why dont the poor eat the fat people until the obesity rate is 0%?
User avatar #23 - bitchplzzz (08/23/2012) [-]
Why dont we feed HIM to the hungry people?
#21 - Stralle (08/23/2012) [-]
Why donate when with just this one guy could feed all of America.
User avatar #19 - szymonf (08/23/2012) [-]
4in10 americans are obese....
User avatar #17 - poophaspooped (08/23/2012) [-]
I hope this isn't real lol

If it is
they need to get new advertising managers
User avatar #14 - kouzan (08/23/2012) [-]
They're struggling with hunger because they keep screaming, "There's nothing to eat."
User avatar #8 - whatugawkinat (08/22/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Plant food
Kill food
User avatar #12 - Aleafe (08/23/2012) [-]
must be the south up here in new england there are not that many fat people
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