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Except, the first atom was split in New Zealand, and I'm pretty sure we don't have Lords here...Or have random Arab shepherd's in our non-existent deserts.
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Look at all those red thumbs. I love it.
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Every party has a pooper, that's why you were invited.
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Best reply yet.
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Because it could obviously never be repeated.
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that was thousands of years ago, that's Moses and he thought the explosion was god.
that is the only logical explanation.
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i dont understand the last panel.. but the first two would be the story of two ladies fighting over a baby, they both say they are the mother, the king says to cut the baby in half, one lady is ok with it and the other says to not do that and to just give the other lady the baby so she's obviously the mother (because she cared for it) and got the baby
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punctuation my friend, you need it.
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yeah, im not good at that to be honest
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what you mentioned is what the comic is based on. the explosion came from the energy released from splitting an atom, one atom wont make an explosion, not by it self, but thats just for **** and giggles.
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yes.. i know what i mention, and yes i know what hapens when you split the atom.. i meant i dont know why there's a sheep herder there
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from my interpretation, the Semitic man is Moses, the story happened thousands of years ago, and that split of an atom destroyed an ancient advanced civilization. the smoke from the explosion is what Moses thought was god, on a mountain in the desert, he wrote up his commandments and gave it to his people, and said it was from god. and thats how the ancient advanced civilizations ended and how the birth of a new wave of religions and **** happened.
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or it's just some random shepherd staring at the mushroom cloud. Moses was quite a bit earlier than Solomon.
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yep, i was there
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two things....
1. interesting, never knew that but i'm not religious so i guess i wouldn't
2. holy crap there's a lot of but hurt in this thread and i dont know where it came from
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This may be the worst content I have ever seen. People just throw thumbs all over the place these days.
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And this may have been the worst comment I have ever seen ;)
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Why thank you :)
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it's summer... probably has something to do with it
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