Funny Omegle Roleplay. Asked a question, which was more a command to roleplay, and this is what I got... brilliant.. lli?, omegle Talk to strangers'. You' re wa omegle roleplay chat Pokemon MLP who uses these a

Funny Omegle Roleplay

Asked a question, which was more a command to roleplay, and this is what I got... brilliant.

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers'.
You' re watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
Roleplay anything. Adventure, sexual,
relaxed, anything. Just have fun.
Strangers:* up like a dinosaur"
Stranger 1: Hey baby.
Stranger 2: .....What are you doing?
Stranger 2: That is mot-" sexy
Stranger 1 I What, we aren' t on the same page here? I
thought it was pretty sexy
Stranger 1: I really need to Idam to coordinate these
things better
Stranger 2: A dinosaur'? No. Networking for you.
Stranger 1: I always bring the wrong costumes
Stranger 1: I should' brought the charizard costume
Stranger 1: Everyone loves charizard
Stranger 2: **
Stranger 1: Can' t believe what?
Stranger 2: Do you really think I want to come home to
a charizard?
Stranger 1 I Well, I mean.. I know that /ll would want to
come home to a charizard. I would jump on that
******* s back and we' d bum **** and fly around.
Stranger 2: "rubs bridge of nos?’ No, just, no.
Stranger 1: But why not?
Stranger 1 I You prefer squirtles, don' t you??
Stranger 2: NC) I do not prefer squirm! cm my god,
just-. just stop being so wierd!
Stranger 1: How is this weird? It' s only weird if you
make it weird,
Stranger 2: Trust me, you make it ‘MERE.
Stranger 1: I see what' s really going on. Venusaur is
your type, amiright?
Stranger 2: *tums and bangs head on wall" I have no
interest in pokemon. I REALLY dont.
Stranger 1: Str... What' s doyathing? is it mm?
Stranger 1: I can be fiuttershy for you.
Stranger 1: Even rainbow dash if you like the......
Rambunctious ponies.
Stranger 2: cm god, no.
Stranger 1: Doom you like the whole deity thing? I see.
Stranger 2: The..... what?
Stranger 1 I You called out to God, a deity.
Stranger 2: Therefore....?
Stranger 1 I You know, I often going around sporting
robes, sandals, and a halo, if you catch my drift..
Stranger 2: Caught and stuffed back in your halo. I
prefer something a bit .
Stranger 1: Chock like bowls of fruit? I can be a bowl
of fruit for you, bby.
Stranger 1 I Aagh, I SEE. You like the jersey shore kind
of gals!
Stranger 1: Like snooki!
Stranger 1 I Well, I' d love to sit here and chat, but it' s
getting late and role
Stranger 1: Playing isn' t really my thing
Stranger 2: Elk, bai
Stranger 1 I And you' re kinda weirding me out, no
offense i)
Stranger 2: heh, sorry
Stranger 1 has disconnected
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