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Sulfuric from Evil on the pro league of halo reach.
Go to a tournament! the quantity of unhealthy people is not much worse than that of the common public and VERY few of the actual gamers are fat (I personally am hyperthyroidic (overactive metabolism) so I'm a bad example) but noone on my team is overweight and of all the prominent teams the only gamer I can think of who is fat is Ghostayame (I'm not saying he's the only one; just the only one i can think of)
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Are you saying you're a bad example 'cause you're hyperthyroidic and it causes overweight (because I think hyperthyroidism makes you lose weight? or are you saying you're a bad example because you're skinny, but due to a condition and not you're eating habits?

just curious
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Yes I'm underweight but my thyroid makes it unfair to use myself as an example thats why I didn't site my own weight and height 165 , 6'1"
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oh yeah and shockwave
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