Right Wing Radical. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." -Socrates.. I think both sides are retarded and America is heading in the wrong direction because our government has lost its ability to compromise and is filled with corru You are still sp


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#417 - dtcrawl (08/20/2012) [-]
I think both sides are retarded and America is heading in the wrong direction because our government has lost its ability to compromise and is filled with corruption on both parties   
Wait did I just put my opinion on the internet.    
I think both sides are retarded and America is heading in the wrong direction because our government has lost its ability to compromise and is filled with corruption on both parties

Wait did I just put my opinion on the internet.

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#452 to #421 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Its a little worse than that, actually. We spend the highest (either per capita or per GDP, not sure) on Health Care in the world, and have some of the lowest returns for our money. There are certain aspects that are not terrible, but overall our system is broke. When Republicans freak out about government health care, I wonder if they think "Oh no, they might actually fix the system. That means people will think they are smart! Quick, stop them from doing something!"
#462 to #452 - lifeisahighway (08/20/2012) [-]
No I'm a Republican and we honestly believe it will be bad for the health care industry and for the country as a whole.
User avatar #683 to #417 - azzaip (08/20/2012) [-]
both sides are retarded? so what are you? a completely perfect neutral that has no strong opinions either way in any matter?
User avatar #422 to #417 - buttgauges (08/20/2012) [-]
aw **** dawg, not your opinion.

but I agree with ya. as for me, i'm a conservative since they're aimed toward the old-style ways of the republican party.
however, I think we need a political revolution considering there's a massive gap between the people and the government. the people "representing us" as our senators aren't even in the same CLASS as the people they're supposed to be representing anymore.
#579 - FirstSrMeme (08/20/2012) [-]
I don't understand this....
When there is a liberal bashing post
>tons of comments in support of liberals with many thumbs
When there is a conservative bashing post
>tons of comments in support of conservatives with many thumbs

same deal with atheism/Christianity
da **** is happening
#582 to #579 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Except when a christian speaks out to defend himself he only gets hate, but when athiests are douchebags and hypocrites "Omg lol, you so funny!"
#588 to #579 - funmanigro (08/20/2012) [-]
such is life on the internet
such is life on the internet
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User avatar #514 to #456 - Crusader (08/20/2012) [-]
Is it bad that I thought that is racist, since the joke is that black people are unemployed.
User avatar #568 - hermancain (08/20/2012) [-]
As the late, great Tupac Shakur once said:
**** y'all, I'm Herman Cain
#341 - trueraiderfan (08/20/2012) [-]
I'm a republican, but i don't believe in everything they believe in... as in i don't care if the same sex gets married, who am i to say you cant marry the person you love, not all republican are asshole thanks for the time
I'm a republican, but i don't believe in everything they believe in... as in i don't care if the same sex gets married, who am i to say you cant marry the person you love, not all republican are asshole thanks for the time
#353 to #341 - byposted (08/20/2012) [-]
>identifying yourself via political parties

Fundamentally, the Republican and Democratic parties are the same exact thing. They receive donations from the same sources and get promoted by the same medias.

The United States is a one partied country.
#370 to #341 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Nobody stops same sex couples from getting married. They can do so in any state in the union. People who say republicans are preventing same sex couples from getting married are lying. There are some issues as far as government recognition, and whether the term marriage should be legally redefined, but gay couples aren't breaking the law when they get married.
User avatar #345 to #341 - roninpenguin (08/20/2012) [-]
I used to call my self a Republican, but I have realized ever since the election in 2000 that the Republican party has changed and no longer follow what I believe my ideals are, so now I'm just an independent.
#351 to #345 - chezburgadominator (08/20/2012) [-]
I'm with you brother, this is the same reason I stopped being a (not saying what I am) because neither party has the same exact ideals I have brother. This is why the hulk had almost got in a full on wrestlemaniac argument with my mother because she's a republican brother.

(If you read this in his voice, ty for making my effort worth it)
User avatar #356 to #351 - thebeardguy (08/20/2012) [-]
I did read it in his voice.
User avatar #357 to #351 - roninpenguin (08/20/2012) [-]
I was taken over by Hulkamania and was compelled to thumb you.
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#649 to #631 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
TIL that chubby is a race
#11 - HumbertoL (08/19/2012) [-]
>Muslim holiday sponsored by city/state

>Proof that religion is under attack in america
#13 to #11 - HumbertoL (08/19/2012) [-]
>You should have the right to have firearms

>You're collective bargaining rights are bad for society
#14 to #13 - HumbertoL (08/19/2012) [-]
>This new law will save thousands of lives

>You can't pass that, it's bad for the economy!
#15 to #14 - HumbertoL (08/19/2012) [-]
>Giving money to a corporation who really needs it is necessary for a thriving economy.

>Giving money to people who really need it is socialism and just downright wrong.
#21 to #15 - wheresthefudge (08/19/2012) [-]
>The wealthy shouldn't be taxed
>They worked hard for that trust fund.
#37 to #15 - anon (08/19/2012) [-]
WTF are you retarded? It's not conservatives that support "corporate welfare".
User avatar #43 to #37 - HumbertoL (08/19/2012) [-]
No one said anything about a typical conservative's views. This meme is supposed to reflect a radical. Someone on the extreme end of a spectrum. Just enjoy the joke or move on.
#36 to #13 - anon (08/19/2012) [-]
I think people only have problems with the collective bargaining rights of public workers. Personally I don't think public workers should have a union at all. They already have the ability to elect their own boss. The dynamic isn't a boss who tries to pay them as little as possible to increase profits vs a worker trying to make as much as they can. Too frequently it's a boss who was elected through union efforts who wants to get as much as they can for themselves and their workers at the expense of the taxpayer.
User avatar #389 to #36 - corkscrew (08/20/2012) [-]
the reason unions were created was because their bosses didn't pay them ****
that is why there are unions, because the bosses want to pay them less
User avatar #330 - Onemanretardpack (08/20/2012) [-]
It is kinda ******** about the christmas thing in schools and the work place. Dont celebrate christmas? Don't go to the party.
#104 - CoolStoryBrosky (08/19/2012) [-]
The very nature of political parties cry out for the evil within our system. Being forced to choose between the lesser of two thieves isn't how it was supposed to be.
#105 to #104 - anon (08/19/2012) [-]
The alternative to a 2 party system is even more retarded. If you had a ton of different viable parties, then you could get someone running the country that won with 7% of the vote. Let's face it, people barely know their candidate's politics as it is. If they didn't have a party aphiliation attached to their name giving them a hint, the majority of the voters would be playing bingo with the ballets.
#123 to #105 - CurlyGangster (08/20/2012) [-]
That is based on keeping First Past the Post (also known as Winner Takes All) for allocating seats in Elections. Take Germany for example, their people vote for several different Parties and based on how many votes they get, they get that number of seats in Congress (aka Proportional Representation). Say Party A gets 24% of the vote, they then get 24% of the seats in Parliament, while Party B got 32% and therefore 32% of seats. Following the election Parties A & B form a coalition to work together in Congress (as they form a Majority). And since the Party B got more votes, Party B's Leader becomes Chancellor (who is has many powers of the President in the US). While Parties C & D who both got 22% of the vote form the Opposition.

Considering that people are voting for specific Parties and have no choice in Individual Candidates, Parties tend to be more uniform in their views and more cohesive than Big Tent Parties like the Republicans and Democrats. They also have to make their Party goals cleat to the Public.
User avatar #112 to #105 - Crusader (08/20/2012) [-]
Us Canadians manage pretty well
#128 to #112 - CurlyGangster (08/20/2012) [-]
To be fair, you are moving away from a Three Party System and to a Two Party one considering that the Liberal Party is dying.
User avatar #132 to #128 - Crusader (08/20/2012) [-]
Not really, because all those parties are still there, sure there are still 3 major parties, but at the same point, about 10% of the country votes for other parties
#522 - walkingdisaster (08/20/2012) [-]
I've noticed whenever there's a political post, the number of Anons sky rocket.
User avatar #531 to #522 - I Am Monkey (08/20/2012) [-]
Nobody wants to get sucked into the **** storm. Political commenters on this site are as sane as they are informed. (they are neither)
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User avatar #441 - Tyranitar (08/20/2012) [-]
Funny that the first time I can legally vote for President, I'm withholding my vote.

Everyone is so full of **** , and the worst part is, they don't have anything good to say for themselves, all they do is talk down the other guys for doing stuff that they probably also do behind everyones backs.
#490 to #441 - kraetyz (08/20/2012) [-]
When presented with a choice of evils, don't choose the lesser one. Don't choose. :D
#509 to #490 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Well that would rule out democracy...
#511 to #509 - kraetyz (08/20/2012) [-]
Yes. Yes it would. :) In a good world, people would choose leaders for themselves, not others.
#489 to #441 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Mitt romney hated gays in highschool. we are not voting for a highschooler. and mitt romney economics do work since he became a billionaire from nothing. he built big companies on his own from nothing.
User avatar #469 to #441 - FuNuTs (08/20/2012) [-]
Obama is the lesser of two evils.

It's either a ******** who would **** up the economy even worse than it is, or someone who has the congress against him.

Neither are good per se, but Obama isn't a ******** .
User avatar #476 to #469 - maxpiston (08/20/2012) [-]
>Obama isn't a ********

Actually he is. They're all ********* .
User avatar #477 to #476 - FuNuTs (08/20/2012) [-]
Actually, he has the congress against him. He can't do jack **** because of it.
#445 to #441 - tastycupcakes (08/20/2012) [-]
see thats the problem. by not voting you dont do **** . by voting for neither candidate you at least can show them that the current status quo is not okay to you and they might try and win your vote. it obviously doesnt happen if only one person does it but id rather be a part of the solution then part of the problem.
User avatar #451 to #441 - OsamaBinLadenz (08/20/2012) [-]
Politicians are ******* stupid. I see these ads and all they do is talk down about the other person, it's like a debate, but for children. Alot of times some of the **** isn't even true.
#91 - SILENCEnight (08/19/2012) [-]
**SILENCEnight rolled a random image posted in comment #50 at Day 37 of testing ** White people
User avatar #435 - jippoman (08/20/2012) [-]
welp if this site wasnt full of atheists then i guess this wouldnt be so popular.
#403 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
Both political parties suck neither do anything for the American people. One loves illegals and crime and the other loves oil and money.
#300 - waffies (08/20/2012) [-]
einstein background because it's what comes to mind.

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them"
#294 - anon (08/20/2012) [-]
says all guns should be legal because criminals will just get them illegally anyway

less dangerous things like pot don't get the same argument
User avatar #81 - iamthou ONLINE (08/19/2012) [-]
I dont smoke, and the only reasons i would want it legalizaed are

1. so people stop ******* bitching

2. so the government can tax the **** out of it and hopefully helps somehwat with the national debt.
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User avatar #83 to #81 - leopoldstotch [OP](08/19/2012) [-]
Agreed. Though the sad thing is that they could tax it all they want, the debt isnt going to get smaller. Our budget will just get bigger because that is what congress does. Pay down the debt? Hellll no.
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