The Universe Is Just Awesome IV. Part 5: The Universe is Just Awesomely Even More Inter
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The Universe Is Just Awesome IV

The Universe is Just Awesomely
Even More Interesting and Awe Inspiring
Fastal" theor" ges About Our Universe
The speed of light is clocked in at about 300, 000 km a
second. Einstein' s theory states that nothing can
accelerate at the speed of light because it would gain
mass and require " energy. Imagine you are
driving your car at the speed of light, and then fantum on
your headlights. What would happen? Einstein may have
stated that nothing can accelerate to the speed of light,
But Einstein never said anything about objects that may
already be travelling at the speed of light. There mar be
objects that travel faster than the speed of light since the
very second they were created. Tachyons are one of
those objects. They are bounded to the limits of the
spiderlike portion of the graph, making
it impossible for it to slow down to subliminal speeds.
Can these particles be used to help us as humans acheive
light travel?
may I' m Just going to throw this in here because it' s been
Bugging me lately. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE
CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE'S The universe is always
expanding, so theoretically, you could say that the
computer chair that you' re sitting in right now is the center
of the universe. Ifl were standing at the very end of the
universe as it zipped passed me expanding, I could claim
that I was at the center of the universe. Sony, someone
had to say it...
m Hubble Hubble Ultra '.
I I CI in D I
ii I "" First stars
f First Malanie's
Age of the Universe (billions of gears)
The Hubble Telescope is one of scientists‘ favorite tools.
The only way we can Better understand our universe is to
observe it in it' s earliest form. Like I' stated before, by
looking deeper and deeper into space, you travel further
and further back in time. Hubbie' s ultra deep can see
almost " billion years in the past. Almost around the time
the farst stars and galaxies were created. By observing
how stars and galaxies were formed, we can gain a better
understanding of how the universe really 'works'. Until
upgrades are made on the Hubble, or until they put a more
powerful telescope up there, we won' t be able to see the
fundation of galaxies and stars.
The Universe is Just Awesome
Sorry this post is so short guys, but I have to study
for a 'r" map. Pm thinking about making a series
devoted to the planets, let me know what you think
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Submitted: 05/05/2010
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User avatar #324 - aaceshigh (08/11/2010) [-]
User avatar #322 - EdwardElric (08/06/2010) [-]
hey so not sure if anyone told you this but the center of the universe would be the one spot that everything is moving away from...
User avatar #320 - inrisk (08/06/2010) [-]
User avatar #319 - Cossos (08/06/2010) [-]
The whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started. WAIT.
#321 to #319 - anonymous (08/06/2010) [-]
the earth began to cool the artitrose began to drool, neandrathals invented tools, we built a wall, we built a pyramid! math, science, history, unwraveling the mystery that all started with a big bang, BANG!
#318 - anonymous (08/06/2010) [-]
Learnt this in science the other day, you would have infinite mass which would also give you pretty much infinite gravitational field and you would immediately collapse the universe into you :)
User avatar #303 - TouhouWolf (05/07/2010) [-]
Time paradox!
#294 - anonymous (05/06/2010) [-]
how can you know for fact the universe is forever expanding? have you been to the edge and watched it expand?
#301 to #294 - JoNJoShY (05/06/2010) [-]
That's just one theory. The other is the Big Crunch, the opposite of the universe expanding.
User avatar #292 - eldeeko (05/06/2010) [-]
speed of light in vacuum... 3.0x10^8
charge of an electron... 1.6 x10^-19
weins constant... 2.898 x10^-3
plancks constant... 6.62 x10^-34
stefans constant... 5.67 x10^-8
its actually quite sad i know all these off the top of my head... i hate A-level physics... :(
#290 - Virgill (05/06/2010) [-]
Epic thumbs up, always willing to hear someone supporting my own "I rule the universe from my office chair" theories with their own. Thank you for speaking the good word.
#289 - anonymous (05/06/2010) [-]
I think your retarted. Light always travels 186 thousand mph relative you everyone. If your in that car and you turn on your lights then relative to you they go the speed of light. That isn ot faster than the speed of light. Even relative to someone not moving next to the car they see the light traveling at the speed of light. Your dumb go die.
#300 to #289 - CLASSiiCS (05/06/2010) [-]
no one CARES!
this is cool and even if its wrong i still like it.
User avatar #291 to #289 - TheOrigamiKiller (05/06/2010) [-]
Oh irony, how I love thee.
#288 - anonymous (05/06/2010) [-]
If the universe is expanding in all directions equally then there is a constant centre of the universe. If the universe is not expanding in all directions then there is a centre it is jsut moving.
User avatar #284 - bkcrt (05/06/2010) [-]
You are worng good sir. The center of the universe is where the big bang occurred and the universe is always expanding out from that pojnt.
User avatar #308 to #284 - Enginseer (05/08/2010) [-]

You could locate a center if space was constant, but space itself expands [not just the things within it.

Let's say you could only see in 2D, then space is an expanding bubble, it doesn't matter where you go you will never find the center of the surface of the bubble.
User avatar #310 to #308 - bkcrt (05/08/2010) [-]
Um, and why is it you could never find the center of an expanding bubble?
User avatar #311 to #310 - Enginseer (05/09/2010) [-]
Because you can only observe the surface of the bubble, the empty space within the bubble is no longer part of the universe. Space Time as we know it is only present on the surface, can you find the center of the SURFACE AREA for a sphere? You will see that you cannot.

You cannot compare space to the systems you are used to.
#285 to #284 - Patchers (05/06/2010) [-]
Actually he's wrong because no one knows if the universe is constantly expanding or not... there are multiple theories.
#320 to #285 - fillthisspace has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #287 to #285 - tehleetzorz (05/06/2010) [-]
actually you could be wrong because its also a theory
User avatar #293 to #287 - IronDragon (05/06/2010) [-]
Everyone is wrong! Bacon is the center of the universe!
User avatar #298 to #293 - squigly (05/06/2010) [-]
u r correct
User avatar #281 - Stallowned (05/06/2010) [-]
#277 - BaconandPie (05/06/2010) [-]
a person can be faster than the speed of light, in 40 yards the speed of light travels in 4.2 seconds but a man was able to go 4.12 or 4.1
#282 to #277 - redalert (05/06/2010) [-]
hey.....i actually know what thats from, if i didnt know what that was from you would look look an idiot
#305 to #282 - BaconandPie (05/07/2010) [-]
Im confused in what you said but I learned that from mangas(japanese comics)
#306 to #305 - redalert (05/07/2010) [-]
yea i kinda phrased that strange........whatever i meant io knew that it was from the manga eyeshield 21
#316 to #306 - BaconandPie (05/10/2010) [-]
Yup, thats where i learned that
#275 - anonymous (05/06/2010) [-]
Half of this is ******** . Learn phyics
User avatar #274 - propervillain (05/06/2010) [-]
These are excellent. Thumbs up, sir.
And all you "this isn't funny" people? Take a break and learn something. Funnyjunk doesn't always have to be funny
User avatar #276 to #274 - Stallowned (05/06/2010) [-]
my friend if you take the funny away from funnyjunk then you are left with junk this is a fact. good day.
User avatar #272 - ChampionRed (05/06/2010) [-]
So iinformative...that for now on you will be my new pokedex! * tosses old one down*
User avatar #269 - FannyFart (05/06/2010) [-]
You sir, have made me learn somthing today that dosent include Justin Beiber and gerbils
User avatar #268 - kornopointo (05/06/2010) [-]
didnt i see this same 1 the othere day
User avatar #267 - Jimmydingdong (05/06/2010) [-]
Trying... not... to.....learn.....noooooooooooooooooo
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