i love digimon. . FAI LIE = cl
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Here is the post above. I will now tell you how you can actually do this yourself. You will need two people to do this easily.

Player 1 get a Squirtle and name it Zubat.

Player 2 get a Rhydon and name it Abra.

Player 1 mod Squirtle/Zubat to get it Thunder Bolt (or whatever that move was).

Player 1 Screencap the shot in the middle of the move.

Edit the screencap with another screen cap of a modded Charmander that has Razor Leaf.

"Harder" way.

Get an emulator and rom of FR/LG

Get the required mod program to edit moves and pokemon names and pokedex numbers and entries.

Rename Rhydon to Abra

Do everything else from the previous instructions.
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**** logic.
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I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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