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Im from Ukraine, and this is normal.
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Its a more hardcore fallout. There is no "easy" way to play it. there are mods like you wouldn't believe for it.

The entire game takes place in the Chernobyl zone of Alienation, where mutated humanoids and roaming factions of Soldiers and militants fight for control. The environment fights against you with "anomalies" that will **** your day up. the guns are mostly ComBloc weapons with a few NATO rifles thrown in for good measure.

I recommend it if you played Fallout New Vegas on hardcore and it left you wanting a greater challenge. I do not recommend it if your entire collection of video games consists mostly of FPS online competitive multiplayer games like COD, BF3, Halo, GoW, ect.
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Sounds epic, Ima give it a try.
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Also, play the first STALKER first, without mods. Going in any other order will confuse you, there is a bit of a learning curve.
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Its on Steam
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