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it,s on flicker as well :)
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OP is a lying faggot
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check the ******* link, I removed the two slashes after http so it would show.
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I checked the link, it's just a link to the original picture, and a guy saying that it was taken in Tokyo, I still choose not to believe it.
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http: [url deleted]

here is the link to flicker where he explains how he did it :)

If you zoom in, you'll see more detail and you start believing it,s actually a photo
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damn. use the link I gave u and the flicker link is underneath it. when u click on the pic on flicker, you can choose various sizes
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Ok, ok, I give up, if you look on the absolutly biggest picture, you can see some details that indicates that it's a photograph. You were right, I'm sorry.
Also, the picture is edited, so that it will look more like a drawing, (colors were added, brightness increased, and such)
Here is an oversized version of the picture.
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yes it shows some work but it's amazing nonetheless
cool beans bro.
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