Urban Dictionary Part 2. Here is part 3 /funny_pictures/402745/Urban+Dictionary+Kinky+Edition/. Great Urban Dictionary Words Pt. 2 buy feelus snugs_. tshirts an original urban dictionary
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Urban Dictionary Part 2

Great Urban Dictionary Words Pt. 2
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The female versian of a penis.
Damn bro, m these wrestling spandex yeu CED clearly see Chyba' s
The act of shitting a turd long it hits the water before completely
exiting the anus,
Dudes, guess who just mede a touchdown. t
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Mind controlling antelope that live in Wyoming, Control the Wyoming
government into thinking that antelope are the fastest animals in the
world, Very elusive creature that may er may not actually exist. Dr
they say in Wyoming,
Cole: Se yeah they say that the cheetah is the fastest ,
Missy: Ne I believe its the ante/ cpe,
Missy: Ne seriously! The told us it was true.
Cole: The what?
Missy: Nothing, nothing!
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ass hat a person with their head far up their ass that they could
wear it as a hat.
mu sir are ah asshat. 2. 1. 2. l
Up the butt
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Fucking a bitch up the ass
I' d like fuck that bitch up the butt,
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Big Belly, Little Titties. This refers a girl whose belly is bigger than
her breasts.
Fe, that skir/ is definitely a BALT, but phi/ should still try ahe' hit that.
Now for the best ones
salmon helmet
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When sameone with a retten twat sits en yew face,
mu think that' s bad, remember when the prophet Muhammad gave me
a saw. -eh helmet while I was wearing a taga.
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noise made when twe fat people have sex in spam... er in awe
gravity,,,, fat colliding with fat
ex hew Fm tired, i think Ni make a ,
Over 9000
buy e Wim m u gs_. ts hir' ts a n d mag nets
What the seester says about Goku' s [newer level, ISM-' er' Plaine thousand
Liege's, what does the somputer say about his power?"
buy mere d a iligal m u gs_. ts hir' ts a n d mag nets
When a guy is have sexual intercourse with a girl er guy doggy style
and he grabs the sheets and pulls them up ever his head and flaps his
arms using the sheets as wings and makes we bird noises while
blowing his lead.
Nah East night I was doing the Pteradactyl ahe' I atiest took cdr using
my sheet as wings
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