The Universe Is Just Awesome III. Part 1:/funny_pictures/398205/The+Universe+Is+Just+Awesome/<br /> Part 2: /funny_pictures/399842/The+Universe+Is+Just+Aw universe is Just Awesome three
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The Universe Is Just Awesome III

The Universe is Just Awesome III
More Interesting and Awe Inspiring
theor" ges About the Universe
Neutron stars are one ofthe possible ends for a star.
They result from massive stars " times the mass of
our sun. The interesting thing is, neutron stars are
only about " km across. The astounding thing is,
that they are so dense, that one teaspoonful on Earth
would weigh one billion tons! Neutron stars oan also
have magnetic 'r" gelds that are a million times
stronger than any magnetic 'f" gotd produced on Earth.
The resulting faroe of gravity is so strong that if an
object were to fall from a height of one meter it
would only take one microsecond " hit the surface
ofthe neutron star, and it would do so at around Tdot
million kilometers per hour!
o can honestly say that I don' t know much about neutron stars,
though I have been reading up on them lately so I decided to add it
in. If you feel I have left anything out or gotten anything wrong,
please, flame me below.)
Is there life on any other planet in the universe? Are we
really alone in this incomprehensible void we oall the
universe? Scientists have been trying to answer this
question ever singe man eould look to the stars above.
But, the answer may lie within our very solar system. The
above picture is that of Europa, one of many moons that
Jupiter posesses. An ioe bovered moon with perhaps no
evidence of life on it' s surface. But what eould lie beneath
the ioe is what intrigues scientists. The 'veins' that
appear on Europa' s surface suggest that beneath it' s ioy
must, may lie free moving water. Water, being one of the
main building bloak of life, may be the answer to the big
question. As our oceans are teaming with hundreds of
thousands if not millions of different species, one eould
only imagine what lies beneath. NASA is currently
working on a probe that will land on Europa and drill
through the miles of ioe to expose the water below. Until
then, we oan only dream of life other than our own.
Time is an odd thing. When you look through a telescope
into deep space, you are essentially going baak in time. If
these colliding galaxies were wmm Lightyears away, you
would be seeing what happened to them nun years in the
past. It is not possible to look deep into space and see
things in their present.
While you' re still getting over that semi mindfuck, I present
you with this example. The Grandfather clause Proposes
that if time travel were possible and you went baak in time
and killed your grandfather, you would cease to exist. The
only problem is, if you killed your grandfather and never
existed, how would you go baak in time to kill your
grandfather'? You would have never existed, therefore
never having been able to go baak in time and shoot your
grandfather and cease your existence, so you would exist;
But if you did exist then you would go baak in time and
cease your existence only to 'ttwtt out that you would not
be able to kill your grandfather because you never existed.
Are those Brain fumes I smell‘?!
The Universe is Just Awesome
All the possibilities to be explored. All the unknown
outcomes to be discovered. The universe is full of
surprises! I WILL be making more Just because i get
excited whenever I think of the " number of results
there oan be from an " number of ,
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