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#2 - anon
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(08/26/2012) [-]
While the cold war, the USA installed a tyrann, Schah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in Iran and shipped over weapons and stuff, making the iranian army the 4th of 5th biggest at that time. Fulffilling their role as thread to the sowjets.
At the same time, the USA recruits 100'000 young muslim extremists from all over the middle east and drives them to afghanistan, in order to fill the gaps in the rows of the Taliban. The taliban were'nt muslim extremists before, they were just some freedom fighters against the sowjets. (Btw: the sowjets were beaten horribly)

In 1979 the people of Iran revolted peacefully under the leadership of Ayatolla Chomenei (still leader of iran). The military shot at the people, but they didn't shot back, instead they crowded the streets more and more. The miltary was forced to widraw and the old tyrann got changed with an other. tons of money.

USA gets pissed off and starts to deliver weopons to another dictator near the Iran. Irak under Saddam got delivered and gets told to attack Iran (Gulf war 1980-1988). USA tells Saddam, that he can keep some of the iranian oilfields if he succeds.

Saddam loses Gulf war and did't get any oilwells (he just made Chamenei more powerful) so he gets pissed off and attacks another dictatorship, Kuwait. USA gets pissed off because he did something he wasn't told.

Saddam, who would otherwise clearly be still an US-ally, because of his actions against shiitism extremists, fell out of all clouds, suddenly be called an enemy.

Saddam got in fight with one of his friends, who was his secret agent chief, and throws him out of Irak. The guys flees to GB and got back to Irak after the war and becomes president of the Irak.

Saddam now is the US-Pinata, every time they need a bad guy, he gets pulled out and bitchslapped. G.W. Bush got too far and killed him, so they needed another one. The taliban already nearly eliminated, it was again Iran, who has to play pinata.
#1 - forestminuet
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(08/13/2012) [-]